Tantra At Tahoe specializes in teaching Supreme Bliss Tantra, our particular brand of Tantra. It's how we, Somraj and Jeffre, live our lives and guide our clients.

Being one of the oldest living spiritual disciplines, you might expect Tantra has guidelines to approve materials, schools to certify teachers, and academies to graduate students. Nope, sorry. Because it's completely about individual consciousness, Tantra is the least organized movement you've ever dreamed of. Which we love.

But there are some common themes to all Tantric approaches: love yourself, seek spiritual growth, say yes to life, follow your desires, witness your resistances, pursue pleasure, open to energy, enjoy sex sacredly. Every teacher and Tantrika (Tantric adept) we meet practices these principles, but in their own way.

Our Way

Supreme Bliss Tantra is our way.

Using tools from modern psychology and other counseling disciplines, we've blended our own spiritual, sexual, and healing learnings with those of others to create a path for the motivated Westerner to explore and be all they can be.

We began in the mid-1990's studying SkyDancing Tantra with Margot Anand, who comes from the lineage of the Indian mystic Osho. Because he explained the ancient texts so that modern people could relate to, Osho is the one most responsible for Tantra and Tantric Sex being so popular in the West today.

We teach the divinity of the self and the sacredness of one's sexuality and pleasure. We believe that each of us is born as a child of Great Spirit, Source, the One. We are born divine and ecstatic. It is everyone's birthright to love and feel the Tantra Ecstasy of being alive and connected.

We teach individuals and couples through our ebooks, our teleseminars, our coaching sessions, and our private workshops. We can teach you how to love yourself completely while exploring who you are in the context of the greater whole.

Loving yourself means loving your sexuality while opening fully to it. Releasing inhibitions and fears and worn-out beliefs by feeling the energies of the universe and your body surge through you is the path to awareness, to clarity, to ecstatic pleasure and to connection to the One.

Consciousness pervades all our actions.

Supreme Bliss

Supreme Bliss is the zenith of sexual ecstasy which transforms orgasmic energy into expanded consciousness.

Supreme Bliss Tantra is the modern system of personal transformation based on the ancient Eastern spiritual path which uses sexual Kundalini energy practices to...

  • deepen love and intimacy,
  • extend lovemaking, and
  • create continuous full-body mind-altering Tantric Orgasms.

By opening your senses of the present moment, embracing all of life and all of your being, and focusing on pleasure as a divine gift, Supreme Bliss Tantra...

  • heals your mind, body, and spirit,
  • connects you passionately with your deeper self and your beloved, and
  • immerses you deeply into the untold joys of sacred sexuality to reach cosmic peaks of pleasure

making life an ecstatic journey in total communion with all that is.

Our Intention

Our intention is to serve, to serve the One, to serve our brothers and sisters on this planet to regain their lost innocence, deeper into the heart of sex.

Through total respect for who you are in the moment, Jeffre and Somraj can help you learn the Tantra Attitude using Tantra Practice to have great sex, great love, and great joy in your life. Please join us.

To understand Tantra further, click continue to read about what Tantra Isn't.

Learn Supreme Bliss Tantra to improve your sex life

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