Yes, Tantra is for couples.

Love is the beautiful, irresistible, natural force in all our lives. When we're alone, we feel like something's missing. We often become consumed with finding someone who will help us feel more complete.

When we find someone to love who loves us, our hearts soar. The flowers are more beautiful, the air is fresher, the clouds speak to us of truth.

And for most of us, sex is so passionate and satisfying that we can't get enough. Our bodies become divine musical instruments. Our merging tastes like the nectar of the gods dripping inside our bodies. We've even heard that infatuated lovers even enjoy driving in rush-hour traffic. (Those of us who live in the paradise of the Sierra mountain forest don't believe those rumors.)

Then, for too many of us, something changes. Time goes by. We develop habits, scripts, patterns and expectations of each other. The challenges of life stress us. The details of work, home, and kids absorb us. We get overextended, trying to make ends meet. We get tired.

We get so damn used to each other. We're too busy to notice our hearts and our attention narrowing. Too often sex becomes a mechanical afterthought to release pent-up biological forces. It becomes an almost boring late night affair with two sleepy ex-lovers going through the motions in a well-known routine.

The conscious ones among us wonder where did all that joyous romance and hot juicy sex go?

Face it, life happens. We can't change that. But those who've gone before and sought to prepare us for our lives didn't have all the answers. Our parents, teachers, religious leaders learned to survive in a different place and time. They learned to cope and tried to teach us. But did they know how to be happy, make each other happy, and pass such priceless secrets on? Very few knew how.

With Supreme Bliss Tantra, you can change your love life and rekindle the juiciness in your relationship, regardless of how many years you've been together. Sex only becomes boring when you aren't growing, when you aren't adventuring.

Jump on the Tantric bandwagon and you'll never experience a dull moment again. You can make each moment together fresh and new. You can make every challenge of life a glorious experiment. You can become childlike (not childish) again, taking joy in learning about yourself and discovering each other in new ways. It is totally amazing how Jeffre and Somraj's sex just keeps getting better and better.

In the best-selling series of books Conversations With God, God says that the purpose of life is to find out who you really are. And being in relationship is the fastest way to find out who you really are.

Is your life structured for self-discovery and for spiritual growth? Does your relationship create opportunities to learn and grow? Are you having fun yet?

Doing the practices in our new ebook, Awakening the Sacred Gate: Tantric G-Spot Massage and Female Ejaculation is a great way to change your entire relationship. Click here to begin learning the Tantric steps for great loveplay and a loving relationship.

Find out how intimacy, sex, love and Tantra fit together on the next page.

Learn Supreme Bliss Tantra to improve your sex life

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