Tantra never makes Tantric Orgasm a goal, but always welcomed when she manifests. In today's world we are too bound to goals and expectations which cause performance anxiety in both women and men. Tantra says, be in the moment, enjoy each sensation to the fullest. Allow the subtle energies of the body and the cosmos to trigger the states of bliss and ecstasy.

Do you know there are thousands of different kinds of orgasms? No? Well, there are. We believe you can experience them all.

When Tantric Orgasm is not the goal, but pleasure in the moment, the orgasms, regardless of the type, are more enjoyable and more appreciated and usually bigger and more powerful, because the Tantra Energy is flowing freely. Relax, surrender to the moment, let the Kundalini rise. Experience your first nosegasm, or your first third-eye orgasm. They are not to be missed.

When your energy channels are open and the energy is flowing, orgasm can be experienced in many ways in a myriad of places in body, mind, spirit. Jeffre recently had her first thumb orgasm.

Tantric Orgasm is an energy event which is a surge of electromagnetic sensation rushing through the body, originating wherever. It feels very physical, but may not feel like a genital orgasm. Sometimes a physical orgasm triggered by genital play may come together with a Tantric Orgasm and at the same time.

Remember there are as many kinds of orgasms as there are stars and galaxies in the sky. Don't get attached to just one kind. There is a huge buffet of physical and energetic Tantric Orgasms out there for you.

Normal orgasms are the result of tension building. The release is what causes the pleasure. With Tantric Orgasm, you take the energy, fill your pleasure balloon as full as you can and then spread it to all of your chakras. This enriches other parts of body, fuels your higher mind, stimulates your creativity, and powers the transformation of your consciousness.

When you conserve the energy of orgasm this way instead of releasing all your energy, your arousal grows to a higher and higher level. With training, you can use this energy to propel you into the Orgasm Zone, an altered state of Tantra Ecstasy where orgasms come continuously one after another with minimal or no stimulation.

The O-Zone is a deeply relaxed, no-mind condition where we're closer in touch with our true nature, the ecstatic being we are at our core.

Our latest ebook, Awakening the Sacred Gate: Tantric G-Spot Orgasm and Female Ejaculation, shows both men and women in great detail how to experience Tantric Orgasm as well as G-Spot orgasm.

Again, though the cosmic climaxes we experience routinely might argue otherwise, Tantra isn't just about orgasm. Tantra is about integrating body, mind, and spirit as the Tantra Holistic page describes next.

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© Daniel B. Holman

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