Tantra At Tahoe's motto is especially dear to women...

Deeper into the heart of sex.

On this page we want to go deeper into Tantra for women.

In contrast to Tantra's "yes," society sets standards that are all about "no." Religions repress, mass consciousness condemns, and the media teases our suppressed urges while mercilessly judging any who publicly indulge.

Of course, the biggest taboos have been sexual. More than men, women have been programmed for guilt and shame around sex. As a result of this programming and experiences with ignorant lovers, the vast majority of women over 25 don't even want sex.

At their roots, women are spiritually exuberant and more deeply sexual beings than men. You live in the heart and come from your feelings, communing more naturally with the juices and earthly forces of life.

Maybe that divine nature is why so many live in dire confusion about what's right and best for them.

You have strong desires to love and be loved along with insistent physical urges that cry out to be satisfied. Yet, so many in society preach that it's wrong for a "good girl" to act on what she feels she wants. If you followed everything you were taught about sexuality as a young girl, how would you ever discover your truth?

Supreme Bliss Tantra is all about self-discovery and self-expression. Who are you and how do you choose to live your life? Can anyone else realize your Goddess essence if you don't?

Consequently, Tantra doesn't preach how you should experience the pleasure that is your very feminine nature. Instead, by working within your own energy self, you decide what's best for you, shedding society's imposed standards and going for what makes you feel good.

As a woman wanting to grow and evolve, you have special needs and concerns that are unique. Tantra, being about natural beauty, inner feelings, and life energy, is perfect for your feminine spirit.

Tantra is an ancient tradition that you can use to shed what's unwanted and realize your own power.

With Supreme Bliss Tantra Practice, you can learn to create a perpetual state of bliss, joy, and ecstasy safely and privately with yourself. Or you can use Tantra with your beloved to reach new heights of sacred communion.

With Tantric tools, you can heal your heart, clear your sexual blocks, and relieve the stresses you encounter in life. Whatever your relationship situation, this is the ancient path of manifesting the love you want and the joy that is yours.

Sounds like the perfect tool, almost too good to be true, right? Jeffre and Somraj are living it. We know it to be true.

Why do we believe Tantra is the perfect tool for a woman? Foremost, because you're always in the driver's seat, finding your personal comfort zone, controlling how much you absorb, and how fast you choose to stretch.

Tantra is all about "yes" with consciousness. What you dream about having outside and envision having within, can be yours with Tantra Practice. No one else's picture of what you should be like will ever pressure you again. It's a path of realizing your inner beauty, your feminine identity, your sexual truth, and your true Goddess nature.

That's why first and foremost, Tantra is about raising consciousness. When you're fully awake, then can you reach high states of ecstasy and the deepest intimacy. By showing you how to accept yourself as the beautiful and powerful being you are, Tantra Practice opens your awareness to your true self, your Goddess spirit. With this awareness, you can attract and fully relish both love and pleasure.

Tantra is about love, ultimately, love of self and all that is. Which is why the next page, Tantra Love, follows.

Learn Supreme Bliss Tantra to improve your sex life

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