Tantra isn't about right or wrong. It's about learning to...

  • Relax more and release life stress,
  • Feel more sensation and enjoy more pleasure,
  • Experience higher states of sexual ecstasy, and
  • Be more aware of who you are and what you want.

These abilities are easier said than done. Which is why the bedrock of Tantra is practice. Like building muscles, playing tennis, painting portraits, you don't just get it by making up your mind. You have to exercise your muscles and refine your skills regularly.

Our Tantra Pleasure page offers valuable insight into the need for continuing Tantra Practice. Though we might believe that pleasure is our native state and ecstasy our birthright, modern living conditions us otherwise. Tantra Practice is a way to recondition ourselves with our basic nature so we spend more days and nights feeling the way the universe intended. That is, feeling good.

What is Tantra Practice like? Basically, simple things with higher and higher awareness. Simple things like breathing in new ways, moving your body differently, heightening your sensations. Simply things like dancing, touching, dreaming, and certainly feeling. You might find yourself with assignments to disrobe your partner, kiss every inch of skin, become a complete sponge to massage, and hover on the edge of orgasm endlessly.

The path of Tantra which says yes to life leads to sexual practices as a way to release, flow, and grow. Tantra Practice unblocks our internal energy channels. We cultivate sexual energy first within ourselves to wake up every part. Then by coupling our sexual energies, we use this same natural life force to cleanse, heal, and renew relationship.

In a nutshell, Tantra Practice is enjoying. Because we believe sex is a divine gift, Tantra Healing can be great fun. When we practice sacred sexuality, we end up dealing with the inevitable resistance that bubbles out of our minds. This is the starting place of Tantra for individuals.

At first glance, this might sound like a discipline that reinforces the separation between partners. No, Tantra seeks to create two strong energetic individuals first who then aren't dependent on each other for life, love, or satisfaction.

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Learn Supreme Bliss Tantra to improve your sex life
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