• Would you like to reach to multiple full-body orgasms whenever you choose?
  • Are you interested in transforming your relationship through sacred sexuality?
  • Do you want to quickly integrate the secrets of Tantric Sex into your lovemaking?
  • Are you ready to welcome ecstatic energy throughout and all over your body?
  • Would you prefer personalized Tantra training sessions on your schedule instead of attending a group workshop?

If you say "YES," we'll introduce you to the amazing joys of Supreme Bliss Tantra instruction with a Private Tantra Workshop. Just plan to join us in Truckee or invite us to your home or hotel room whenever you choose. We'll quickly transmit the ancient secrets of spiritual intimacy and sacred sexuality to you. And your partner if you're currently attached, but if you're single, no problem. Many of our clients attend our private workshops for Tantra instruction solo.

What Is A Private Tantra Workshop?

A Private Tantra Workshop is a 1- to 5-day, live, intensive Supreme Bliss Tantra training session designed specifically for you to unleash your dormant orgasmic energy. Our training sessions are an active introduction to sacred sexuality that teach you the Tantric practices that will enable you to move universal life forces throughout your body, mind, and spirit so you can experience ecstatic sex and spiritual enlightenment. Private Tantra Workshops are the rapid-fire fast track to incorporating sacred sexual practices into your life.

Many of our clients are happy to follow our standard agenda on our Tantra Workshop Phases page. Others prefer to concentrate on the specific subjects of these workshop versions...

Private Tantric Sex Workshops...

  • Tantric Sensual Massage Workshop
  • Erotic Jewel (Vagina & Penis) Massage Workshop
  • Tantric Self-Pleasuring Workshop
  • Unlimited Sexual Stamina w/o Premature Ejaculation Workshop
  • Her G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation Workshop
  • Male Multiple G-Spot Orgasm Workshop

Private Kama Sutra Tantra Workshops...

  • Be A Great Lover Workshop
  • Kama Sutra Tantra Embraces Foreplay Workshop
  • Kama Sutra Tantra Sex Toy Workshop
  • Kama Sutra Tantra Anal Sex Workshop
  • Kama Sutra Tantra Oral Sex Workshop
  • Kama Sutra Tantra Sex Positions Workshop

Private Supreme Bliss Tantra Workshops...

  • Freeing The Female Orgasm Workshop
  • Longer Lasting LoveMaking Workshop
  • His/Her G-Spot Orgasm Workshop
  • Multiple Orgasm Response Ecstasy Workshop
  • Tantric Energy Orgasm & Tantric O-Zone Workshop
  • Tantric Sexual Union (Intercourse) Workshop

Private Spiritual Sexuality Workshops...

  • Sacred Spiritual Sexuality Workshop
  • Divine Intimacy & Tantric Relationship Workshop
  • Supreme Bliss Tantra Ritual Workshop
  • Advanced Tantric Initiation

We may be able to combine topics in a tailored Private Tantra Workshop version specially for you. That's party why each workshop includes an introductory telephone consultation at no extra charge along with 6 other free bonuses.

What Happens In A Private Tantra Workshop

Our Private Tantra Workshops condense group experiences into your own 6-hour sessions which center on what you need and want most. As we guide you with personalized Tantra instruction to engage the centuries-old lessons of Tantric adepts, expect your mind, body, and spirit to be engaged, titillated, and enlivened. All of our training sessions are based on the same essential fundamentals explained her and our Tantra Workshop Phases page. Click there to get a clearer picture of what happens in our personalized Tantra instruction sessions.

Our Private Tantra Workshops are usually conducted two-on-two or two-on-one. Sessions include some explanation, more demonstration, and lots of physical practice to teach you to incorporate running ecstatic energy into your life and lovemaking. Beginning activities include practices like...

  1. breathing exercises,
  2. dynamic meditations,
  3. feeling subtle energy
  4. sensual massage, and
  5. lots of frank talk about sex and spirit

before becoming increasingly erotic and sexual when you're ready for it.

After watching demonstrations, you'll try practices for yourself with the guidance of a supportive coach. You may prefer to do this solo, with your partner, or with one of us. At times you may choose to interact directly with your leader(s). We'll...

  • Show you how to create your own Sacred Space for Tantric LovePlay and ritual.
  • Teach you to conduct moving meditations with music that creates the special mood.
  • Demo sensual massage which can unleash powerful vibrations throughout your body.
  • Help release blocks stored in your body that prevent some from reaching multiple peaks.

What Isn't A Private Tantra Workshop?

Krishna & Radha after Tantric sexPrivate Tantra Workshops are personal rituals dedicated to your spiritual growth. Though much of their practice and content are sexual, they're not an orgy, nor are they designed to get you off. We can adjust the format for maximum comfort so that you only work with a coach of your choice or only watch demonstrations instead of participating.

Of course, participation in these sacred ceremonies is most productive if you're comfortable with nudity, sacred rites, and open sexuality. When you're feeling well, focused, and willing to take risks, you can progress much faster. The choice is up to you.

If you're attempting to deal with a sexual problem, you may want to begin with Tantric Sex Coaching first which offers advice and counseling that's totally focused on your situation. We don't recommend barging ahead with a Private Tantra Workshop if you're seeking to...

  1. Heal a sexual wound,
  2. Resolve a sexual performance issue, or
  3. Repair a troubled relationship.

Let us give you tailored Tantric Sex Coaching as a personal mentor or relationship therapist to clear the air so you can focus exclusively on pleasure. As soon as we agree you're ready, we'll transition into a full Private Tantra Workshop.

Phases Of Private Tantra Workshops

Though Private Tantra Workshops are primarily geared to teach you exercises you can include in your regular spiritual practice and sex life, often the impact of learning different ways of being and channeling life force energy is great. Sometimes Tantra training can be so intense that you won't be able to absorb the entire body of new learnings at once.

As a result, we've broken the learning process down into phases at the following chart shows. Since everyone is different, the exact timing depends on how fast you actually progress. Usually, we find that each phase requires one day (typically from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.). You may move faster or slower depending on how prepared you are and how much you practice between sessions.

These phases are progressive. Since success at one phase depends on fully integrating the lessons of the previous phase, Private Tantra Workshops still need to follow this general sequence. If you feel you've mastered the basics, we still encourage you to start at the beginning. We promise to move through early activities as fast as you can absorb them and demonstrate mastery of each skill.

Click here to see more detail about our Tantra Workshop Phases and the practices you'll get learn at each.

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