Transform Your Sex Life, Love Life, & Spiritual Life With The Ancient Secrets Of Supreme Bliss Tantra

What Is Tantra?

Couple Explore TantraTantra is the ancient Eastern spiritual practice that uses the life-changing power of sexual energy to expand personal consciousness and unite beloveds.

Some equate those who master Tantric Sex with world-class lovers who've learned to enjoy extended, multiple, full-body orgasms. Others equate it with a kind of yoga that shows you how to celebrate all of life, including Sacred Spiritual Sex, to reach divine states of ecstasy every day. They're all right, but that only scratches the surface.

Discover Tantra & What It Can Do For You

To Discover Tantra and what it can do for you, first decide if you want to...

  • activate deep streams of pleasure so you can make love for hours of supreme bliss,
  • bring spirit into your life, your lovemaking, and your relationship,
  • fully awaken untapped sensations throughout your own and your lover's body,
  • recapture lost intimacy or rekindle the dormant fire with your long-time partner, or
  • have ecstatic, mind-blowing, multiple, full-body cosmic orgasms every time you make love.

How To Get Everything You've Ever Dreamed Of

If you're hoping for any of this, then Supreme Bliss Tantra -- that's our unique style of teaching Tantra -- is perfect for you. We can help you Learn Supreme Bliss Tantra to make your wildest dreams come true.

We -- Jeffre and Somraj -- want to be your Supreme Bliss Tantra Teachers. We are Tantric masters and co-directors of Tantra At Tahoe, with decades of experience in sex education, psychotherapy, personal growth, and people skills training.

This page is a doorway that leads you through our free Explore Tantra Online Guided Tour. Follow the links in the text, on the menu at the left, or with the continue button at the bottom to discover how you can revolutionize your love life, sex life, and spiritual life. Here we'll show you How We Teach Tantra so you can decide whether home study, telephone coaching, or live training is better for you.

What Tantra Can Do For Couples, Men, & Women

With the ancient secrets of Supreme Bliss Tantra, we can help you add to your sexual repertoire, bring more spiritual consciousness into your relationship, transform long-term deep-seated patterns, and become a better lover. This second section of our tour explains...

The Tantric Couple Creates Conscious Relationship Together

The ancient secret of Supreme Bliss Tantra is how the Tantric Couple blends male and female life forces at multiple levels of heart and mind, sex and soul. If your togetherness is lovely but you want more, More, MORE, we can help you get it. If you've lost some of your love, intimacy, and heart connection, you can recapture your waning desire and rekindle the dormant fires in your relationship with Tantra Love. Through Supreme Bliss Tantra, you can insure that hotter sex and deeper love live and grow in your divine union.

Cosmic Orgasm Is The Birthright Of Tantra Women

Goddes Explore TantraWomen deserve a completely-fulfilling love, sex, and spiritual life. Tantra Women understand that the power to make this happen rests largely in their hands. With the help of Supreme Bliss Tantra, they learn to accept their true Goddess nature. This opens their energy channels as they heal past love disappointments and sexual traumas. Then, as they learn to celebrate their bodies, they discover how to merge sex, love, and spirit. Living, loving, and making love on multiple levels awakens many new ways to enjoy please which are so satisfying that they can't wait for the next time. Soon they're enjoying the kind of ecstatic, mind-blowing, multiple, full-body, cosmic orgasms with the beloved that they've always dreamed of.

Longer LoveMaking In A Few Easy Steps For The Tantric Man (and the women he loves)

To harness the vast life forces hidden inside both of you and activate your own deep streams of pleasure, you'll want to learn to make love for hours. We can show you how, promise! Sure, many men heat up faster than women who need slower, sensitive seduction. The Tantric Man knows how to avoid premature ejaculation and last longer so both can have -- and give -- endless oceans of delight. Our Male Tantra page delves deeply into what every guy needs to open his heart, awaken his spirit, and become a world-class lover. As well, Tantric men can learn new, exciting pinnacles of pleasure to revolutionize their sex lives and fuel the personal growth of their consciousness.

What Is Tantric Sex And Spiritual Sex?

Tantric Sex Is Totally Erotic Total Pleasure

Enjoying life to the fullest is the promise of Supreme Bliss Tantra. You make this happen through the powerful, erotic art of Tantric Sex, through which you learn to enjoy red-hot lovemaking to its fullest. In Tantric Sex you concentrate on opening your sexual energy channels, maximizing the amount of sensation you give and absorb, and building your pleasure to incredible peaks. We celebrate all kinds of sex as divine play, but encourage you to include in your repertoire the Tantric style of slowly savoring, expanding, and extending new forms of love play. As you bring consciousness into your love life, you'll awaken new avenues to ecstasy and orgasm.

Make Your Life And Lovemaking Sacred With Spiritual Sex

At its roots, Supreme Bliss Tantra is a spiritual practice that shows you how to expand your consciousness, let go of your struggles, and completely merge all of your life with the divine. In contrast to the modern world which splits sex and spirituality, Supreme Bliss Tantra uses the rituals of Spiritual Sex to create peace of mind, stress reduction, and a loving state of meditation. Spiritual sex is more than screaming "Oh God!" when you orgasm, it's celebrating the divine gift of life fully in and out of bed. When you can bring spirit into your life, lovemaking, and relationship, sex will feel like meditation and you'll feel sexual pleasure while meditating. That's why the ancients called sacred sex the fast-track to enlightenment.

Be A Better Lover With Tantra Techniques

Man Explore TantraIf you already enjoy sex, then you're a natural at Supreme Bliss Tantra. Which means you want more, More, MORE! To be a better lover, you need to fully awaken the untapped sensations inside your own and throughout your lover's body. There are two sides to this dance: learning to be the ultimate giver of pleasure, and becoming equally as skilled at receiving pleasure. When you master sexual anatomy, bedside communication, sensual touch, erotic turn-on, and Kama Sutra sex positions with Tantra Techniques, you'll know how to get your bodies in sync so can fully satisfy your lover. Of course, by this point in our Explore Tantra Online Guided Tour, you'll realize that supreme bliss comes about through much more than just sexual techniques.

Many Options Of Our Academy Of Supreme Bliss Tantra

To get everything you've ever dreamed of individually and together, in and out of bed, you need to be clear about what you know and what you want. Our Academy Of Supreme Bliss Tantra can help you do that and then build the skills that you need.

Because this is always a personal journey, our academy isn't a fixed curriculum, but instead offers many options. Supreme Bliss Tantra is effective no matter how dramatic is the change you're seeking. Our primary aim is to show what to try and how to practice. Let us help you choose what works best for you via...

Private Tantra WorkshopOur fastest and most intensive way of teaching you to channel sexual energy for divine connection and multiple cosmic orgasms is through Private Tantra Workshops. In these multi-day training sessions for singles or partners, we explain the techniques of sacred sexual ritual, demonstrate in front of you, and allow you to practice with our guidance. Because your comfort and safety are paramount, you choose how explicit you want the learning environment to be, even to the extent of keeping your clothes on or practicing in private. That's why we prefer teaching privately where we can customize your training plan and respond on the spot to your personal dynamics.

Tantric Sex CoachingWe can help you add excitement and energy to your sex life through Tantric Sex Coaching on the phone, in person, or even by email. In confidence, you explain what's happening or what's not, and then tell us what you want instead. Our first objective is to listen fully and totally understand. Then we'll make practical suggestions, offer expert advice, and give how-to tips that you can try immediately. As you experiment, find what works, and run into obstacles, we'll guide you in the direction you've chosen. We serve as mentors you can totally trust because, without judgement, we're totally committed to helping you get whatever you want.

Couple who Explore TantraOur Supreme Bliss Tantra Ebooks, Tantric Sex Ecourses, and Private Tantra Lessons are designed so you can transform your love life, sex life, and spiritual life on your own at home. Our 200+ page ebooks are thorough, illustrated, and packed with how-to Spiritual and Tantric Sex tips. Our 6 to 8-lesson ecourses are shorter, focused on teaching you the essentials you need without delay. With multiple discussion questions and step-by-step instructions, both ebooks and ecourses function as self-contained Tantra Home Courses. In the most personalized form of long-distance training, you get direct access to the masters of Spiritual Sex and Tantric Sex in one or a series of telephone Private Tantra Lessons. In addition, we've created some discount packages that combine ebooks, ecourses, and private lessons. We always include email support with these distance learning programs so even do-it-yourselfers get personal attention from the Tantric experts.

Tantra Love HolidayLong-term change often comes through regular practice with Supreme Bliss Tantra exercises and spiritual rituals. Yet sometimes the best way to launch a new relationship, heal a faltering sex drive, catapult your sex life to a new level, or recapture lost love and passion is through a dedicated Tantra Love Holiday. Come and visit our mountain paradise of Lake Tahoe for delightful hikes and boating in summer or world-class skiing, boarding, and cross-country in winter. Let us tailor a multi-day series of Supreme Bliss Tantra workshops for the breakthroughs you desire. We'll help you arrange lodging and transportation that suit your budget and appetites. Part of our no-extra-charge service is scheduling your time in the Sierra Nevada Mountains around our private training sessions to include gourmet dining, recreation in nature, private practice time, and feedback sessions with us.

Whichever form of our Supreme Bliss Tantra training or coaching you choose, we freely offer our step-by-step guidance so you can comfortably and safely experiment, discover what works for you, and have lots of fun practicing until you get everything you want.

Our FREE Tantra Training Consult

Tantra Training ConsultWe want to share the power and joys of Supreme Bliss Tantra with you. Supreme Bliss Tantra guarantees your fast track to amazing ecstasy, deep intimacy, spiritual orgasms, personal growth, and the best, wildest sex you've ever dreamed of.

Tantra Training ConsultIf you're seriously interested in Supreme Bliss Tantra training, we invite you to click here to register for our FREE no-obligation Tantra Training Consult.

To learn more about Exploring Tantra, click any of the links in this page, on the menu at the left, or cycle through this Online Guided Tour with the continue button below which takes you next to our Discover Tantra page.


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