We Teach Tantra To Transform Your Sex Life, Love Life, & Spiritual Life

Couple to teach TantraWe're excited that you're exploring how Supreme Bliss Tantra can show you how to make love, sex, and intimacy everything you've dreamed of. Our elders didn't teach us the practical truths about sex, spirit, and combining the two into spiritual sexuality. So we've made it our mission to show seekers like you how to enjoy life fully -- the way it's meant to be in every blissful encounter.

Those interested in better relationships often ask us how we transformed our sex life into a longer, sweeter, deeper, stronger, heart-centered, never-ending series of passionate spiritual encounters. How we teach Supreme Bliss Tantra is our answer. Here’s an overview of how we learned to make our dreams come true.

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Where To Start Learning Supreme Bliss Tantra

The first guideline for learning Supreme Bliss Tantra is that pleasure is a spiritual discipline. That means in order to get back to your native state of consciousness and joy, you need to regularly practice enjoying every aspect of life. That’s why sex is such a powerful spiritual teacher in Supreme Bliss Tantra.

Getting sex and spirit to work together as a life-giving team isn't as much about thinking and talking as it is about doing. Our teaching method is based on showing you what to practice in order to awaken those energies inside you’re not using to their fullest.

We're here to help you discover what you need to practice to expand upon what you know and develop what’s missing. But without your commitment to change, little is likely to shift. So your first assignment is to make room in your busy life to shift your spiritual mindset, build your sexual muscles, and develop your lovemaking skills.

What’s The Foundation For Teaching Supreme Bliss Tantra

Being able to use the powerful methods of Supreme Bliss Tantra to their fullest begins with personal mastery of things like…

  • Taking total responsibility for your own pleasure.
  • Fully discovering what you need and want.
  • Finding methods to help you relax and release stress.
  • Knowing what your own body prefers so you can guide lovers.
  • Working through personal blocks, guilt, shame, resistance, or traumatic experiences to open your heart.
  • Learning how to open energy channels so you generate and flow your own ecstatic energy.

These apply even if you enter Tantra solo. Once your personal practices help you to be more present, more conscious, and more energetic, we'll guide you how to connect your circuits more fully with a partner. For most this requires...

  • Communicating clearly, openly, and skillfully about what you want in and out of bed.
  • Being vulnerable, building trust, and deepening intimacy.
  • Guiding your lover to maximize your own pleasure.
  • Understanding what your lover wants and letting them direct you so you contribute to their pleasure.
  • Giving and receiving pleasure equally so that welcoming your partner's energy in your body creates intense satisfaction.

If any of these resonate with your desires or turn you on, then Supreme Bliss Tantra is the perfect vehicle to help you reach the stars.



What’s Our Teaching Process

Having sex in public isn't required to benefit from Supreme Bliss Tantra. As you can see from the above lists, your foundation rests on working with your own energy. Clearly, you can do that with your clothes on.

Ecstatic sex is much, much more than learning to push the right button. It's connecting all your energies - mind, heart, body, emotions, spirit - in an ever-upward-spiraling dance. Developing energy mastery begins by focusing your mind and working with your breath. Then you add in squeezing your sexual muscles, moving your body, and making sounds.

As a result of our years of client teaching experience, we've figured out how to turn new concepts into practical directions that you can easily follow.

All our training segments follow these stages…

  • Brief explanation of a practice, for example how to breathe deeply and sensuously.
  • Our demonstration of how to do the practice, for example using feather-light Tantric touch to awaken erogenous zones.
  • Your opportunity to practice, for example letting your energies merge during a melting hug.
  • Our coaching to reinforce what’s working for you and make it work better.

Once you get the fundamentals of generating and channeling energy, applying them to lovemaking situations dramatically changes the level of sensations and pleasure. Here’s where your intentions and your comfort zone take the lead in our private training sessions.

We’re happy to honor your strict boundaries of privacy and all keep our clothes on. Then you go practice on your own. Or where appropriate, we can interact with your directly, involving you in demos and partnering with you in exercises. You make the call.

Our Training Process Is Personalized

Sexy Tantric LoversEveryone is different. You have special needs and desires. That’s why we like to talk with you by phone before training so we can tailor our approach specifically to where you’re at and what you’re seeking.

Maybe you just need a little sage advice about the secrets of sexual anatomy. Maybe you just need a particular Tantric exercise to reawaken love and spirit in your relationship. Maybe you just need the right situation to master erotic skills with Tantric lovemaking.

Whatever your situation, we can gently guide you to relax, breath, speak, and move in new ways, ultimately freeing your orgasmic flows. We help you clear your mind, stimulate your sexual and spiritual energies, unravel relationship issues, and focus your flows. Through Supreme Bliss Tantra practice, we can help you to transform your love life, sex life, and spiritual life quickly and inexpensively.

So what are you waiting for?

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