What Is Tantric Sex Coaching?

Jeffre at Tantric Sex Coaching from Tantra At TahoeTantric Sex Coaching is one or more confidential conversations with Jeffre or Somraj, experienced, professional, Supreme Bliss Tantra experts. Tantric Sex Coaching can help you...

  • Want to be a better lover and give incredible sexual pleasure,
  • Face a personal growth or spiritual challenge,
  • Resolve a recurring sexual, relationship, or spiritual problem,
  • Release inhibitions and overcome unwanted programming.
  • Cleanse old traumas and wounds, and
  • Uplift your attitude about love, sex, or your body,

Tantric Sex Coaching is private one-on-one training, problem-solving, or therapy in person or over the phone with one of us, Jeffre or Somraj, for specific things you want to change in your sex life, love life, and spiritual life. There are so many unusual ways that our clients enjoy a full sexual and spiritual life that -- we honor fully -- so you needn't be concerned about being judged or embarrassed.

We're on your side helping you get anything you want and everything you've ever dreamed of.

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Somraj Tantric Sex CoachingTantric Sex Coaching Is Perfect For You

Tantric Sex Coaching is perfect if you want to...

  • Talk openly with an expert about your personal issues,
  • Have more sex, better sex, more pleasure, and better orgasms,
  • Learn to bring spirit into your lovemaking to make it more sacred,
  • Urgently find a solution to a persistent problem, or
  • Improve your sex life, love life, or spiritual life.

During Tantric Sex Coaching sessions, we listen in strictest confidence, accept you unconditionally, offer practical suggestions, help you find solutions, recommend study methods, and suggest fun exercises to transform your sex life, love life, and spiritual life using Supreme Bliss Tantra.

Tantric Sex Coaching Can Help You

Tantric Sex Coaching can help if you have...

  • Challenges with orgasms, ejaculations, or sex drive,
  • Worries about where your relationship is going,
  • Sexual doubts and fears that you want to be rid of.

Tantric Sex CoachingSometimes all you need for a breakthrough with a conflict or hang-up is one or two sessions with a professional sex or relationship expert like us. Sometimes Tantric Sex Coaching is a continuing program of weekly skill-building one or two-hour sessions that guides your homeplay assignments so that you can get what you want in and out of bed.

You get to choose the focus on Tantric Sex Coaching if you...

  • Are on the verge of an emotional or spiritual crisis,
  • Need to turn around a difficult life situation,
  • Are troubled about your sexual orientation,
  • Want to learn Don Juan sex skills and sexual techniques.

Register Here For Tantric Sex Coaching

Click here to register for your initial Tantric Sex Coaching session for only $49.95. That's more than 50% off our usual rates. Click here to read more about the long list of issues we can help you with find Tantric Sex Solutions.

If you have a fairly straightforward question, you can get a quick, practical answer from a safe, experienced expert via email by clicking here for our Tantric Sex Tips for as little at $9.97.

Or If You'd Rather Do It Yourself You Can Study Tantra At Home

Since Supreme Bliss Tantra is so much about practicing with Tantric Sex and spiritual exercises, there's a lot you can do on your own at home. Our best deal combines your initial Tantric Sex Coaching session with our full Tantric Sex Library. Click on the self-study Discount Home Course Package that most interests you, our

Or click here to learn about our Tantra Home Courses by continuing with our Explore Tantra Online Guided Tour.


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