Tantra Women Embrace Life, Love, Sex, & Spirit

Tantra WomanTantra women love life because it feels so natural to them. The ancient art and science of Tantra is balanced between the male and the female and so closely connected to the earth, therefore, women feel right at home.

Supreme Bliss Tantra teaches you to listen closely to your body, feel everything, the subtleties as well. This comes easily to a woman because she is so tuned into her own body and her own cycles. Some people even think of sacred sexuality as female Tantra because Tantra is so oriented toward the power of female sexuality and female energy.

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Tantric Women Let Their Natural Tendencies Grow

In today’s world, a woman who is Tantric takes her natural tendencies and enhances them.

A Tantric woman has gone through Tantric sexual healing in order for her to shed old patterns of beliefs and related inhibitions. She has continued through Tantra sexual healing to expand her senses, open her energy channels in her body so that her sexual appetite has been expanded while her abilities to enjoy ecstatic sexual pleasure have blossomed.

Every woman (and man) can benefit from Tantra healing which is not only sexual healing, but healing the soul too.

Men Love Tantric Women

Tantra WomenIn the ancient times, when Tantra was at its peak, men would seek out Tantric women for initiation into the esoteric ways of connecting to spirit through sexual energy and practices.

Men love Tantra too, because Tantra lets their inner female emerge AND their women lovers adore them because of the man’s knowledge and respect for the female body, mind and spirit.

Needless to say, men love a woman who knows and practices Tantra, because she is so open and eager to have fun and enjoys just about anything sexual.

Being Tantric Means A Women Can Be All That She Is

Sensually, to be Tantric for a female means being all she can be, mentally, spiritually, and sexually. Merging sex and spirit, the Tantric woman can soar to the heights of ecstasy and want to experience more, more, more. The female Tantra practitioner digs deep into the cosmic well of universal life force energy and loves her ability to orgasm over and over again. Because there is so much energy available to her, the female Tantric is always ready to enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures, sex. Multiple orgasms are commonplace.

The Tantra woman learns to open to the pleasures of the G-Spot, as well as the clitoris. Orgasms can come from so many different places, including pure full body energy orgasms. Because the female Tantric has trained her mind and her body to relax into the sensual nature of her being, she can direct her orgasms.

Question: have you ever had a thumbgasm? A woman practices Tantra regularly can do it if she chooses.

Female Ejaculation PackageThe Tantric woman can also ejaculate if and when she chooses. She knows her body so well and has trained her body to respond to her mind as well as to her lover’s energy, she can have ejaculatory orgasms pretty much at will. Isn't that something you and your partner might like to know how to do?

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Women Love Heart-Centered Tantric Lovers

Another reason that women love Supreme Bliss Tantra is that its Tantra for the heart-centered woman. A woman with heart already knows many of the basic elements of intimacy and relationship. A Tantric woman will be drawn to a lover who is also heart-centered, or comes from love, love for self and love for others. This is a genuine love, not ego centered, not arrogant, but truly caring and adoring because she and he both know that we each are divine beings who always deserve love and pleasure, from the heart.

Love is truly the answer, no matter what is the question.

In summary, Tantra is woman-centered and reflects the long history of earth-based traditions. By opening her heart, her mind and her soul to the ecstasy of Supreme Bliss Tantra, the Tantric woman is playful, passionate, sexy and in touch with her divine nature.

In other words, Tantric women are open to the flow of spirit through their bodies and knows how to expand sexual energies through their chakras (her subtle energy centers) and throughout their whole bodies. The Tantric woman opens to love and sex like a rose bud opens to the sun. Her desire for sexual and spiritual union is in continuous process of expanding.

The Tantric Man Is Up Next

Our Explore Tantra Online Guided Tour continues with the role and joys of the Tantric Man.

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