Private Tantra Workshops from Tantra At TahoeTantra classes need to be understood by inspired lovers and seekers like you so you'll know what you'll gain personally and together. We offer our live Tantra classes as Private Tantra Workshops and our Tantra courses as self-study programs we call Tantra Home Courses.

That's why this section of Tantra At Tahoe's free Explore Tantra Online Guided Tour (which starts on our Explore Tantra page) goes into depth about what will happen. By the way, if you've joined us, feel free to start at the beginning, jump around with the menu at the left, or page through using the continue button at the bottom.

Tantra Classes Are Built Around Unique Training Exercises

Since Supreme Bliss Tantra uses your abundant orgasmic energy to cleanse you, empower you, and dramatically expand your consciousness, sexual anatomy and technique play a major role in our trainings. But you'll find technique isn't enough to reach the soaring heights of ecstasy possible through Tantric practice.

That's why we always couple erotic exercises in our Private Tantra Workshops with the spiritual practice best suited to activate your underutilized energy circuits. If you want to understand this in greater depth, click here to review our Private Tantra Workshop Phases page. It details four day-long phases that we design our longer workshops around.

  • summoning sexual energy through sensual massage in a sacred space
  • sexual healing to open energy channels through self-pleasuring and pelvic massage
  • streaming orgasmic energy and pleasure peaking through jewel (genital) massage
  • multiple orgasm response to float in the O-Zone through simultaneous inner G-Spot and erotic massage.

Depending on your workshop objectives, we include as much of these powerful methods as time allows.

What You Learn In Supreme Bliss Tantra Training

The primary tools of Supreme Bliss Tantra practice include:

  • Tantra Classconscious breathing exercises to boost your energy,
  • dynamic meditations to focus your mind,
  • interpersonal communication techniques to synchronize your pleasure,
  • sexual anatomy and technique to expand your orgasms,
  • sensual massage and other erotic lovemaking skills.
  • sexual and shamanic healing to free your energy circuits and open your channels,
  • powerful ancient rites and rituals that bypass blockages and resistance and awaken what your spirit calls for

not to mention lots of frank talk about sexual beliefs, spiritual attitudes, emotional reactions, and divine love.

Why Our Tantra Workshops Are Private

Home study and personal coaching that give you tips and tidbits now and then are great ways to slowly enhance your sex life and love life. But if you want a faster and more radical shift or a deeper permanent transformation, live training workshops are the way to go. As titillating and fun as they are, large group sessions often leave much to be desired. The pace may be too slow, the subjects may not be to your liking or needs, and you have other people to deal with.

Wouldn't you rather be able to decide for yourself...

  • What degree of undressing are you comfortable with?
  • How sensual are you willing to be in front of others?
  • Who do you want to practice with?

That's why we usually conduct these Private Tantra Workshops two-on-two or two-on-one in order to condense what most people learn in public workshops in many more days. The total immersion with your personal mentor for one or more days guarantees you'll have the experience that more quickly gets you closer to where you want to be.

Study With The Supreme Bliss Tantra Experts

DhyanaFor your Private Tantra Workshop, we are happy to welcome you into our Tantric Temple in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains near Lake Tahoe, California. It's also our home so you'll want to book accommodations at a nearby hotel in Truckee for your private practice sessions.

The advantages of being present with the Supreme Bliss Tantra experts include...

  • Personalized attention from experienced Tantric masters
  • Training sessions that are totally focused on what you most need and want.
  • You don't have to sensual or naked in public
  • You can practice with your partner, or trusted instructor if you choose
  • You can help create an exciting, erotic experience to get your juices flowing or a more sedate educational session from which you can take lessons home to experiment in private
  • You are assured we'll go at your pace
  • You can insure that your personal issues will be addressed in a timely fashion.

Private sessions like this in our Tantric temple or at your place help us to remove outside distractions. We can answer your questions directly and fully, and concentrate on your personal challenges. More important, in your Private Tantric Workshop it's up to you how open, graphic, and explicit you want to be. Your desires and comfort levels determine how things happen.

Our Tantra Workshop Training Process

Tantra ClassIf you've never attended a Spiritual Sex workshop, you're probably wondering what it's like. Each session includes some explanation, a little Q & A, more demonstration, and lots of practice. After hearing and watching, you get to try practices for yourself with the guidance of a supportive coach.

At first, exercises start solo before involving couple work. You may prefer to interact only with your partner in private, in front of us, or with one of us.

Since one of our primary objectives is to determine what will have the greatest impact on your personal objectives, we'll guide you to experiment and then show you what to practice in privacy of your own home.  That's why every session includes free telephone and email support afterwards to guide you.

A Private Tantra Workshop can be a...

  • Survey Course of sexual techniques,
  • Relationship Seminar to release tensions and connect intimately,
  • Highly Erotic Experience that activates your dormant passion,
  • Spiritual Retreat that transforms your soul, or
  • In-Depth Learning that gives you energetic mastery step by step.

Which of these is what you're looking for? Depending on what you want and need, they're usually a mixture of all the above. To see more about the structure and design, click here on Private Tantra Workshop Facts.

When You're Ready For Total Commitment To Changing Your Life

Traditionally, the last bullet, In-Depth Learning, is what Tantric masters have done with totally-committed disciples over the course of many months or years.

In contrast, we don't require total commitment from new students. Our Private Tantra Workshops create the perfect balance between the five bullets above. For your workshop, we'll design a unique agenda tailored for you based on where you've come from, where you are, and where you want to go. Of course, this kind of work always evolves in the moment, so we'll undoubtedly adjust to shifting currents as they occur.

For those who've decided that they want to use Supreme Bliss Tantra and Spiritual Sex as it was originally intended, to use the transformative power of sexual energy for personal growth and the ultimate divine relationship towards spiritual enlightenment, we accept a limited number of singles and couples to our yearlong Advanced Tantric Initiation.

Our Advanced Tantric Initiation consists of all the topics above and more with 14 days of on-site training and extensive long-distance coaching. It's a building block process, where each skill and level of ability depends on mastering the previous one. When a student demonstrates in life that he or she has mastered a level, only then is he/she ready for the next growth challenge.

Inside Tantra Courses, Tantra Classes, & Tantra Workshops

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