Tantra Courses Teach You To Access Powerful Forces Inside You

Tantra courses as we teach them in Private Tantra Workshops and Tantra Home Courses use an amazingly powerful method of helping you transform your love life, sex life, and spiritual life. That's why this page continues our free Explore Tantra Online Guided Tour (which starts on our Explore Tantra page following the menu at the left) details what happens.

Sometimes, often unexpectedly, sex is especially powerful with passion off the charts? On some occasions everything just seems to work right: your love, her comfort, his words, her touch, his erection, her passion, his stamina, her orgasms.

What makes out-of-the-blue cosmic pleasure happen?

When you understand the life forces working inside you, you can harness the incredible power of sex, love, and spirit to make every encounter mind-blowing. That's the purpose of Supreme Bliss Tantra training, to show you what to practice so that you can use frequent Spiritual Sex to change your life, your mental health, and your relationship harmony.

Setting Your Own Boundaries For Personal Power

Tantra CourseMajor practices begin with a short explanation. Then we demonstrate so you can see in action what we'll ask you to try. For many of the early exercises we're entirely clothed, but as we get into sensual and erotic massage in later stages, we're happy to take more off if you're comfortable.

Once you've understood and seen the practice, it's your turn. You're welcome to do this with your partner (if you brought one) or with either of us if you choose. That is, after we've discussed and negotiated the Partnering Questions.

One of the fundamentals we teach all students is to discuss three issues before any Tantric practice, loveplay, or uninhibited sex. We call these the Partnering Questions where you get to look inside and explain what you're desiring, what you're concerned about, and what clear-cut boundaries do you want to set for the experience.

Once you adopt this practice, you'll exercise the power to make yourself safe in most any circumstance, plus increase your chances of getting exactly what you want and nothing more. When you realize that you're in the driver's seat and you're fully responsible for your own pleasure, you'll know that there's nothing to fear about Supreme Bliss Tantra training, sex in general, or actually all of life.

Learning To Exercise Personal Freedom

This applies to all lovers, but especially to women who've been conditioned by our society to defer to their men. While cooperating with your beloved and serving their needs is a wonderful gift, a woman's orgasmic response falls far short of its divine potential when she defers instead of asserts what she wants. So you'll often find us drawing out and tuning in on each women's desires, concerns, and boundaries.

There's no judgment of right and wrong in Supreme Bliss Tantra, it's all about what you want to feel and how can you activate those energies inside. As you get more into your body and in touch with your blocks and triggers, you'll exercise the power to ask for what turns you on.

If you want to do things in private in our trainings, we'll honor that. If, as our agenda gets more erotic, you want hands-on training on sexual techniques, we'll also be happy to guide you. Though it's never our practice to make love with our clients, the most adventurous of our students welcome interacting with us sensually and erotically to enhance their learning. Though we never have sex with clients in the traditional sense, we have few barriers about doing appropriate exercises with anyone who asks for it.

Once it's your empowered choice about how YOUR training unfolds, you choose the course that best gets you where you want to go.

What Technique Teaches Mastering Orgasmic Energy?

Chakra Merging © Brandon CroyOur modern world, and many books about Tantra and sacred sexuality, are highly technique focused. They equate progress with how much we understand, what we can do with it, and what results we get. Modern business which puts strong focus on the bottom line is based on this performance-oriented approach. You know, like the manager who keeps asking "what have you done for me lately?"

In contrast, Supreme Bliss Tantra is experience based. With guidance and practice, nearly any student can reach the Tantric O-Zone (the continuous orgasm zone) at will with the subtlest of stimulation.

In Supreme Bliss Tantra, technique takes a back seat to what you feel when you do the simplest of actions. The intensity of your sensations are dependent on how present you are, what you focus on, and the openness of your spiritual connection. These only come through learning to heighten your senses, increase your sensitivity to feelings, and release internal blockages (hang ups) to energy flow.

Learning To Channel Electrifying Orgasmic Waves

Learning Supreme Bliss Tantra in our Private Tantra Workshops isn't based simply on a collection of topics and techniques like most educational programs. Instead, our training is based on a series of higher abilities that merge sex and spirit during the actual experience of life, love, and lovemaking.

Supreme Bliss Tantra Guide Ebook from Tantra At TahoeFor example, it's best if you learn to channel electrifying energy to create orgasmic waves throughout your body during a sensual massage that avoids your jewels (genitals) before focusing on jewel massage. When you can transform those subtle sensations from light touch, breathing, or fantasy into a full-body orgasm, then you're ready for the next step which might be learn how to peak and plateau at higher and higher levels of passion.

You'll get a great feel for activating orgasmic energy if you read our thorough do-it-yourself guide, our ebook called the Supreme Bliss Tantra Guide To The Ecstasy Of Spiritual Sex, and do the dozens of solo and partner practices. Click on the title for details and instant download.

Tantric Sex Coaching Is Even More Personalized

The Tantra Academy section of our Explore Tantra Online Guided Tour continues by explaining how Tantric Sex Coaching works.

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