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Frequently Asked Questions










Should I Wait To Find A Partner Before Learning Tantra?

No, absolutely not. Tantra is based on the principle that we're all responsible for our own pleasure. Therefore, almost all initial Tantric practices are done solo. Later stages do require one-on-one interaction, but do not require a life partner or soulmate. Your instructors are more than willing to do exercises with you if desired.

A permanent relationship only becomes an issue once you've mastered the dynamics of summoning and moving orgasmic energy within your body by yourself. After multiple courses and months of practice, you will find yourself in the perfect energetic place to attract the ideal relationship. Vibrating ecstasy is a powerful magnet for what you want.

For more specifics about what you need to learn individually to master the power and magic of Tantric practice, see our January 2002 Newsletter about No Partner, No Tantra, No Sense.

What Do I Need To Do Before Starting Tantra?

Nothing really is mandatory. A little background reading in advance can help you move faster. We'll provide everything you might want to absorb. Gaining knowledge is a minor part of embracing the dynamics of Tantra. Practice is where it's at.

We prefer to get to know new clients and make customized learning plans with our Tantric Sex Assess. This one-hour phone interview is included in all major services. If you want to learn how to make your sex life a Total Success, start here. If you register for any major services we recommend during the Tantric Sex Assess, we'll refund the fee.

Though we don't have sex with our clients, we are careful about protecting ourselves and our clients from sexually transmitted diseases. Click on the questions Do You Practice Safe Sex? for more details. Also see What Does It Take To Confirm Appointments?

When Are You Available To Talk Or Meet With Us?

Our schedule is very flexible. Unless we're booked with clients, we can usually arrange to engage with you within a week or two. Our weekends naturally are busier so, if you can schedule time during the week, we're likely to connect sooner. To get you started, we can almost always schedule a Tantric Sex Assess by telephone within a day or two. Click here for details.

How Long Will It Take Before We Get Results?

Dramatic changes could be immediate. That's the power of Tantric practice. Some clients have life-altering impacts in the first day or two. Or you may experience gradual progress from routine exercise and require weeks or even months of work and play.

How long it will take you to get results depends on your physical, mental, and spiritual condition when you start and how dedicated you are to maintain the customized Tantric exercise regimen we set up for you.


Where Do You Deliver Your Services?

Though we're happy to travel to your home or hotel room for a slightly higher cost, most often we meet with clients in our beautiful mountain home named Dhyana. Nestled in a high Sierra forest in a secluded neighborhood, Dhyana offers privacy, comfort, and a hot tub. We provide lunch for all-day clients so we can relax and enjoy. And then we can play with our two loving friendly golden retrievers during breaks.

We Live Far Away. Do We Have To Travel To Lake Tahoe To Learn Tantra?

There's so much we can do long-distance. We offer ebooks, ecourses, teleseminars, and phone coaching. When you begin to study, you need ample time to practice the basics solo. Of course, there is a limit to how far most Tantra students can go on their own.

When you're ready, why not make your visit with us a memorable vacation. Lake Tahoe is one of the natural wonders of the world in all seasons. And very romantic. Combine Tantric study with the ski trip of a lifetime. Enjoy hiking, fishing, and water sports during balmier weather. Not to mention life-altering sacred sexuality.

We'll even make all the arrangements for you. Click here for more information about our Tahoe Love Retreats and long-distance services.

Why Should We Study With You Versus Another Instructor?

Of course, we think we're the best. With over 70 years combined experience teaching, counseling, and coaching, we can bring a wealth of modern and ancient know-how to your unique needs. The startling results our clients report is testimony to how skillfully we apply the principles and practices of Tantra to each client's personal situation. See our bios for more details.

We've learned wonderful things from every teacher we've studied with. You may prefer a different style, different approach, or different methods. Different strokes for different folks.

It's important to recognize that the personality of the teacher may turn you on or turn you off, but in the long run has little to do with what you get out of Tantra. The internal impact of your routine personal practice is what really counts.

How Can We Attend A Group Tantra Workshop?

Private Tantric Workshops are our version of Tantra training which you can read about HERE..

You get the entire attention of two experienced instructors focusing exclusively on your needs. This way you progress faster and get personalized coaching. In private, you don't have to worry about other's problems, personality dynamics, or being embarrassed in front of a group of strangers.

We prefer teaching Tantra privately, one-on-one or two-on-two. In this way you receive personalized expert attention. Your experience can then be tailored to what you need and how fast you can absorb it.

For more advice about different ways to discover Supreme Bliss Tantra for yourself, click here.


What Happens During Your Tantra Training Sessions?

That depends on the kind of service you sign-up for. We always start by getting to know each other a bit. An essential part of Tantra is to consciously create a sacred, respectful ambience at the outset. We may talk, dance, breath, massage, meditate, and engage in sensual or erotic exercises.

Whatever happens, remember in Tantra you are always at choice to do or not do whatever you want.

Will We Be Forced To Do Things We Don't Want To?

No, never. You will never be forced into doing anything that you don't want to do. We will demonstrate and suggest many things that will undoubtedly be new and different to you. Most people enter Tantra study to stretch their comfort zones. The things you shy away from may provide the very breakthroughs you're seeking. You will only get out of Tantra what you put into it. The choice is yours.

Do We Have To Participate In Everything?

No. You will never be forced into doing anything that you don't want to do. We will demonstrate and suggest many things that will undoubtedly be new and different to you. Most people enter Tantra study to stretch their comfort zones. The things you shy away from may provide the very breakthroughs you're seeking. You will only get out of Tantra what you put into it. The choice is yours.

Do We Need To Practice What We Learn?

Yes. If you don't practice what we teach you, you won't gain as much as you possibly could. Fortunately, Tantric practice is enticing, stimulating, and rewarding. As your pleasure increases, you'll want to practice more and more and not want to stop.


What Will We Gain From Learning Tantra?

Great sex. Deeper intimacy. Divine connection. Better health. Less stress. A completely transformed life.

One of those, all of those, or none of those. Tantra is a tool you can use as you desire. By learning to harness the raw power of sexual energy and transform it into higher consciousness, the fruits of the universe are yours to choose from.

Basically, in Tantra you will learn physical, sexual, mental, and spiritual practices that you can use to improve whatever aspects of your life you want. If you practice regularly, the sky's the limit. If you don't, you'll experience some exciting training which may or may not have lasting impact.

How Will Tantra Help Our Sex Life?

Most of us were raised knowing little about sex. Few have been initiated into the ancient secrets of sacred sexuality. There's so much beauty, power, and grace lurking inside. Imagine feeling the presence of the divine in every sexual moment. What a healing for all of us!

Tantra allows you to uncover your innate sensuality and define your own personal sexual identity. You will undoubtedly learn more about sexual anatomy, erogenous zones, and intimate communication. Since you will discover what you really like and want in sex, you'll guide lovers to share maximum pleasure with you.

When you master the natural ability to channel sexual energy, you'll be able to experience multiple intense full-body orgasms at will. Is that enough?

How Will Tantra Help Our Relationship?

Tantra shows you how to stimulate, channel, and exchange energy at multiple levels. This includes heart, mind, spirit, and emotions, as well as sex. As you learn and practice together, you will cleanse and rejuvenate all aspects of your love. When you begin to share the joy and power of sacred sexuality, you will find your relationship transformed in profound ways. You'll go deeper than you ever imagined was possible.

Will Our Results Be Permanent?

Definitely. You will open to subtle energy. You will learn new attitudes, approaches, and skills of sacred sexuality. You will undoubtedly view love, sex, and intimacy differently. But in the long run, your ability to channel orgasmic energy will depend on how much and how often you practice.

Do You Guarantee Results?

Essentially, Tantra is a spiritual practice. We pledge to do everything we can to advise, coach, and guide you to choose the most beneficial sacred sexuality practices for your situation. We guarantee to deliver 100% of the services you register for to the best of our ability.

Ultimately, your results and success depends on how well you integrate the principles of Tantra into your life through regular practice.

If necessary, please contact us by phone or email with your concerns. We will promptly reply, discuss the issue, and come up with a solution that works for you.


Do We Have To Take Our Clothes Off?

No, you don't have to. Everything you do in Tantra is up to you. When you begin, the emphasis will be inside, on learning to breath, move, and communicate. Nudity is not required.

As you progress and move to sensual and erotic assignments, you will want to disrobe partially or completely to make the most of the exercises. When the time comes, most everyone is ready for it. Any embarrassment or inhibition usually disappears within minutes and most people end up wondering what the fuss was about.

But again, it's always up to you to choose.

Will There Be A Lot Of Touching? Who Will Touch Whom?

At various stages of Tantra, sensual massage is a major emphasis. You will decide who touches whom. You can work entirely with your own partner if you choose. Or when desired and appropriate, we may be willing to interact with you directly for a more experienced touch.

Will We Be Having Public Sex During Tantra Services?

Do you want to? Since everything anyone does in Tantra is by choice, you'll only have sex in public if you want to. We won't ask you to do anything that you're unwilling to do. We will suggest that you try new things in line with what you're hoping to learn. As professionals, we don't engage in overt sexuality with our clients.

Will We Have To Have Sex With Strangers?

No. Tantra training emphasizes learning to circulate energy throughout your body. Most fundamental exercises don't involve anything erotic. We concentrate on how you move, breathe, make sounds, and focus your mind. You may choose to interact appropriately with your instructors in later stages of training, but that's up to you. We never have intercourse with clients.

Do You Practice Safe Sex?

Absolutely, at all times! We only engage in smart sex. We protect ourselves and our clients at all times from any potential contact with sexually transmitted diseases. Since we don't engage in intercourse with clients, this isn't really a major issue. But for increased security, we ask clients to provide written HIV test results dated within six months of service.

For more details on smart sex practices, click here.


What Is Your Privacy Policy?

Tantra At Tahoe is fully committed to protecting your privacy. To provide the best counseling, coaching, and training, you need to feel free to express yourself honestly, candidly, and fully with us. You can feel secure that what you share with us will go no further.

We operate under a strict code of confidentiality and professional ethics. We pledge that your identity, email address, and personal secrets are safe with us and will be held in the strictest of confidence.

You can trust that any information we obtain from you will be used for internal purposes only. We will not share, disclose, or sell any information to any third party without your express permission.

Click here for more about our Privacy Policy.

Will I Receive Mail From You With Sexual Content On The Envelop?

No. We only send information you request via email. Your purchase entitles you to a free subscription to our email newsletter. But you are free to unsubscribe at any time.

Is Tantra A Religion? Will It Conflict With Our Faith?

Learning Tantra doesn't require joining a church or committing to any code of conduct. It's a spiritual practice honoring the divine in all of us. Tantra encourages you to find your own path, discover your own nature, and believe what you choose without outside influence.

Entering Tantric study won't require you to drop your faith or current religious practices. However, most organized religions frown upon Tantra's sexual aspects. You will have to learn how to integrate the new and the old within your own belief structure and behavior.

How Does Meditation Fit Into Tantra?

The ultimate aim of Tantra is to allow you to live your life with sex and spirit in harmony. Meditation - quieting the mind and just enjoying being - is a powerful Tantric tool. Since sitting in silence is challenging for most Westerners, we primarily use active meditations to focus your attention and stimulate your energy flows. Click here for more background on Tantra.


What Does Tantra Training Cost?

The cost of our services range from FREE for newsletters, articles, and special reports to significant investments. Our fees for men's and women's sexuality coaching are based on our professional rate of $100 per hour each. Various discrete services are typically priced less than that. Click on fees and services for all the details.

Is It Safe To Pay By Credit Card?

Yes. When transmitting orders over the internet, our secure server operated by one of the major financial gateways uses modern encryption security devices. Look for the closed lock in the status bar of your browser to be sure. Besides, credit card companies actively protect their members. You have many more options when you pay by credit card in the case of a problem.

We don't retain your credit card number so you're never in jeopardy of it falling into the wrong hands. All possible measures have been taken to ensure the privacy of your information.

Regardless, if you're uncomfortable using a credit card online, we're happy for you to mail us a check, money order, or travelers checks in U.S. dollars payable to Tantra At Tahoe at 11200 Donner Pass Road #139, Truckee, CA 96161, USA.

What Will The Charge Say On My Credit Card?

Our merchant account is in the name "Tantra At Tahoe." Financial statements and records will not document any sexually suggestive product names.

What Does It Take To Confirm Appointments?

A minimum payment of 50% fees is required to confirm appointments. Payment in full is required before beginning services. Clients will be asked to sign an "Informed Consent & Release Form" before beginning services. Click here for all of our terms of service.

Can We Change Or Cancel Appointments Without Penalty?

You may reschedule appointments up to six months in the future without penalty as long as you give us at least two weeks notice. We do not refund fees for Tantra services. Please be absolutely sure before you register. Click here for all of our terms of service.


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