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Our free Online Guided Tours each contain multiple illustrated pages with a wealth of useful information about Supreme Bliss Tantra, Tantric Sex, and Kama Sutra LoveMaking. We created them so you could easily browse through what interests you to get introduced to the grace and power of spiritual sex, sacred sexuality, and the Tantric approach to personal Eastern spirituality.

In the following Online Guided Tours, you'll find dozens of how-to tips you can put into practice in your life right now, plus understand easy steps you can take so you'll know how to learn more quickly...

If you're new to sacred spiritual sexuality, our What Is Supreme Bliss Tantra Online Guided Tour starts at the beginning and takes you through all aspects of this powerful ancient practice. Our most extensive introductory tour takes you from the attitude of sacred sex to orgasm, from pleasure to meditation, from healing to enlightenment. Want to supercharge your sex life? Want to deepen the connection in your relationship? Want to bring spirit into your heart and bed? Take this tour to understand how everything about Tantric Sex is a divine practice.

Once you understand the fundamentals of Supreme Bliss Tantra, you'll naturally want to know how you can take advantage of its amazing joys and tremendous healing power. Our Explore Tantra Online Guided Tour brings together in one place all you options for learning Sacred Sex, Tantric Sex, and Spiritual Sex. It explains the hows, whys, and differences of training for couples, women, and men. You can bring Supreme Bliss Tantra into your love life, sex life, and spiritual life through the workshops, coaching, private lessons, and home study courses presented here. These pages are also offer the portal to our FREE Tantra Training Consult for those serious about Supreme Bliss Tantra training.

The ancient Hindu love guide is probably most famous for its frank presentation of sexual positions. But the well-known Indian erotic manual also teaches us to have profound respect for and an open mind to all things sexual. That includes foreplay, seduction, genital sizes, distinct male and female issues, oral sex, anal sex, and aphrodisiacs. This tour will give a clear idea of how liberated you are sexually and help you decide how to expand your skills, repertoires, and fantasies using Supreme Bliss Tantra.

If your lovemaking lasts long enough, Supreme Bliss Tantra teaches lovers to harness the limitless power of sex united with spirit. But if you climax before either of you wants, you'll want to first overcome the common male condition of premature ejaculation. The purpose of this tour is to show men -- and their lovers -- how you can easily last longer in bed. It covers the causes, so-called cures, treatments that work, and solutions that don't. It focuses on natural Tantric lovemaking skills you first learn solo and then practice together that are permanent, powerful, and truly ecstatic.

The first modern scientific article about women's secret orgasmic trigger was published in 1950 by the German physician Gräfenberg. So the media immediately dubbed it the G-Spot. But the ancient Tantrics knew about how to awaken her sacred gate to supreme bliss thousands of years ago. In this online guided tour, we introduce you to how to find it, milk it, and use it to activate uniquely amazing and powerful multiple orgasms.

Another thing the ancient Tantrics knew and glorified was the divine nectar that really turned on women gush. Not understanding this natural sexual option has caused too many women to turn off for fear of peeing the bed. In our Female Ejaculation Online Guided Tour, you can learn about how to make this common feminine response more enjoyable and delightful.

Tantric Sex provides equal opportunities for new heights of eroticism and excitement for both sexes. That's why you'll want to take our Male Multiple Orgasm Online Guided Tour and learn that men have a G-Spot, too. Guys, if you learn this incredible pathway, you'll open your sacred gate to an unusual source of multiple orgasms. And for those of you who love to make love to men, be sure to take this tour and follow its advice so you can learn the ancient secret art of male G-Spot massage. As well, you'll discover the Aneros, our favorite male G-Spot orgasm stimulator.

Our Better Sex Online Guided Tour corrects the learning gap that so many modern people suffer from, namely how to celebrate an ecstatic sex life as natural, healthy, and your birthright. In these pages we'll introduce you to the Tantric Attitude that fuels merging heart and sex, spirit and orgasm into an artist's canvass of divine play. We'll offer you tips, techniques, and lots of ways to your sexual relationship and personal pleasure.

We look forward to helping you open to the divine essence that can flow through you forevermore. Have a pleasure-filled, rapturous, and fulfilling life just like we do!

Love, Somraj & Jeffre

Jeffre & Somaj in Tantra Embrace

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