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Tantric Sex Assess


How can you make your sex life a TOTAL SUCCESS. The best place to start is with a Tantric Sex Assess. That stands for Sexual Ecstasy eXploration Assessment. It's a private, personalized, confidential one-hour telephone conversation with Dhyan Jeffre and Somraj where we show you how to supercharge your sex life with Tantra.

In your Tantric Sex Assess Interview, we'll ask you a few simple questions and give you insights that probably never occurred to you. In this professional dialogue, we'll help you understand what you need to do to routinely experience non-stop full-body mind-altering Tantric Orgasms.

We'll suggest what you need to practice to move ahead most rapidly. So you can get there as soon as possible, we'll give you some homework, oops, we call it homePLAY assignments.

There are no prerequisites or preparations. What are you waiting for? There will never be a better time to figure out how to dramatically revolutionize your sex life.

At our normal rates, this would cost $200. But as a newsletter subscriber, we're offering you more than a 75% discount at $49.95.


1 hour


Private telephone consultation with Dhyan Jeffre & Somraj. (Can be conducted via email if preferred.)


$49.95 for a limited time (a 75% discount!) for newsletter subscribers

Free Bonuses
  • Free personal email report with summary recommendations.

  • Free Special Report: "The Top Ten Tantric Secrets Of Sex, Love, & Intimacy."

  • Free "Sacred Sexual Secrets" newsletter subscription.

  • All your money back when you follow our suggestions on your next Tantra At Tahoe service.


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Premature Ejaculation Mastery Coaching


If you read Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery, Somraj's ebook about how males can master their orgasms, you realize you need to build some sexual muscles and make some adjustments to your mind, breath, and physical motions. The ebook contains dozens of solo and partner exercises which teach you to peak and plateau with prolonged pleasure.

Some people find this several month program challenging to complete on their own. Goddess knows, changing lifelong sexual patterns isn't easy or without pitfalls. But with the right personal guidance, you can speed up your progress towards lasting and lasting and lasting.

Sign-up for Premature Ejaculation Mastery Coaching and let Somraj guide you. You'll get personalized feedback, tailored assignments, and pertinent advice so you can overcome premature ejaculation now.


1 hour phone or email sessions as needed


Private phone or email consultation with Somraj for men and couples


1 hour sessions as needed (purchased in blocks of 2 or more)

Free Bonuses

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Tantric Sex Coaching For Men & Women


Tantric Sex Coaching is one-on-one training, problem-solving, and therapy in person or over the phone for specific things you want to change in your sex life, love life, and spiritual life. Sometimes one or two sessions of sorting out a conflict or hang-up are all you need for a breakthrough. Sometimes Tantric Sex Coaching is a continuing program of weekly skill-building sessions with homeplay assignments until you get what you want in and out of bed.

Tantric Sex Coaching is focused on specific issues that you choose. When you want to transform your sex life, love life, or spiritual life using Supreme Bliss Tantra, you'll probably want to consider our Private Tantra Workshops or even our yearlong Advanced Tantric Initiation.

If you have a sexual or relationship situation that needs focused attention, our Tantric Sex Coaching is best for you. At last, you can have a mature, experienced, professional expert or therapist to confide in confidentially. We excel at listening and understanding the stresses and strains of sexual relationships in our modern world. Whatever you choose to share with us won't shock us, surprise us, or be news to us. We've been around, seen it all, and helped thousands find their way around life challenges.

Maybe you need some detailed guidance about increasing your own or your partner's pleasure. Maybe you have a sexual problem that's getting in the way of a healthy, vibrant, exciting sex life. With decades of experience, both Jeffre and Somraj have successfully addressed problems with sexual intimacy, desire, arousal, communication, orgasms, erections, and a whole host of related issues.

Tantric Sex Coaching sessions can be in person if you're near Lake Tahoe, California, over the telephone anywhere in the world, or via email for some issues. Expect assignments between sessions that may include discussion questions, practice exercises, viewing videos, and reading articles and books.

Our Tantric Sex Coaching begins with some fact-finding so your coach understands your situation. We offer this introductory hour, which we call Tantric Sex Solutions, at a 50% discount to insure you get started on the right foot. If needed, as part of this first step, we'll create a continuing Tantric Sex Coaching program tailored to fit your needs and provide the fastest possible progress.

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1 hour live, phone, or email sessions as needed
Private live, phone or email consultation for singles and couples with Jeffre, Somraj, or both of us
$100 per hour with one of us, Jeffre OR Somraj

$150 per hour with both of us, Jeffre AND Somraj

Free Bonuses
  • Email feedback between sessions.
  • Weekly homeplay assignments.
  • Personalized advice and problem-solving.

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