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Endorsed Products & Services

The eZINESearch® Directory/List  contains over 5,000 periodically published electronic magazines.We encourage our visitors to visit and utilize the following partner's products and services that we heartily endorse...

Dating Insider: The Ultimate Guide To Meeting, Attracting, & Seducing Women
This new book eliminates the hard road of dating and shows men exactly how to connect with the women they desire. Why do thousands of men around the world swear by this amazing book written FOR men ABOUT women? Because it's changed their love lives so dramatically! And it can change yours by giving you amazing romance and sex with women you never thought you'd have any hope with. Dating Insider is the first and only guide of this magnitude ever compiled. The information contained within this 452-page printed book provides more impact than any book ever. Dating Insider is packed with strategy after proven strategy, including over 1,000 "inside success secrets."

Feather Touch Cleancut Personal Pubic Shaver
The Feather Touch Cleancut is a dry personal razor designed specifically for shaving sensitive areas. It will shave your pubic area closer, faster, easier and, most importantly, safer than anything else you've ever used, period! This imported battery-operated, ultra-fine-screen shaver will leave your most intimate areas as smooth as a newborn baby's bottom.

Crystal Wand Sacred Gate G-Spot Stimulator
Our favorite all-purpose G-Spot stimulator is the Crystal Wand. It's a sensuously curved "S" shaped bar of clear Lucite plastic that's easy to hold and manipulate when one end is inserted inside a man or woman. The Crystal Wand was specifically designed to easily stimulate your own or another's G-Spot. It allows deeper reach, stronger pressure, and perfect vibration when and where it counts.

KegelMaster Sexual Muscle Exerciser
The KegelMaster is a doctor-recommended exerciser specifically designed to help women build strong healthy sexual muscles. It's made of medical-grade plastic and surgical stainless steel, applying resistance against vaginal muscles as they contract through their full range of motion. You'll notice the difference after the first use and the lover you grip will rave about your tightness!

Aneros Male G-Spot & Prostate Stimulator
The Aneros Stimulator is a one of its kind plastic sex toy for ecstatic male G-Spot massage and prostate self-play. It's made of non-porous medicallty-approved material and can easily be cleaned with hot, soapy water. Men using Aneros report increased erectile strength and sensitivity, greater orgasm intensity and duration, and intense cascades of pleasure throughout the body. Any man wanting to experience multiple orgasms will want one.

The G Zone, Products To Improve Your Sex Life: Insightful articles, tools & toys for satisfying sexual relationships from Dr. Gary Schubach, sex educator and authority in the area of the Grafenberg spot and female ejaculation. Our preferred source for sexual lubricants and great videos.

Tantra.Com: The leading site full of information about Tantra and products to help you learn and practice sacred sexuality. Tantra At Tahoe is listed prominently within Tantra.Com's teacher and workshop listings.

Exotic India: The Internet's largest Retail Store for Indian Arts and Crafts. On this store you will find the choicest collection of Miniature Paintings, Wood and Stone Sculptures, Exotic Jewelry in Sterling Silver and Gemstones, Brass and Bronze Statues, and the finest Thangkas on the web in our Buddhist Art Section. Also featured on the site are traditional Indian Folk Arts, an online Bookstore for Indian arts, Tanjore art, and an astonishing collection of Batik Art works, all at never before and unbeatable prices.

SexNews Daily! is the free email newsletter on sex, sexuality and gender. You'll learn, marvel and laugh about events in human sexuality around the world: breaking news, sexual research, sexual health, surveys, “weird news,” sex Q&As, cool Web sites and more, all spiced with a point of view that will amuse you. Tantra At Tahoe strongly endorses Sex News Daily. We read it regularly and suggest you do too.

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