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Chakra Breathing Meditation
Energize your chakras and release blocks that keep your energy from moving with our favorite of Osho's meditations. There's different music and rhythms for each chakra, repeated three times. After such an energetic workout, you'll find you'll find your inner flute much cleaner. Try making love afterwards and you'll see what we mean. More details available at Osho's site.

Chakra Sounds Meditation
Each chakra is an energy vortex vibrating at a different frequency. This meditation of Osho's guides you to making a different sound for each chakra, toning and opening your energy channels. Also repeated three times. More details available at Osho's site.

Kundalini Meditation
With Osho's most active mediation, you release the Kundalini energy at the base of your spine through shaking, dancing, and heightening your awareness of your physical sensations. More details available at Osho's site.

Quantum Light Breath by Jeru Kabbal
An intense musical cleansing meditation based on deep transformative breathing. Available through The Institute for Accelerated Personal Transformation, P.O. Box 1111, Mill Valley, CA 94942, USA 415-435 7531 fax 415-898-8501.


Tantric Practice Music

el-Hadra: the Mystik Dance by Klaus Wiese, Ted de Jong, Mathia Grassow
The rhythm of Sufi trance meditation. One of our key practice CDs that we use to teach sexual breathing and moving energy up your chakras. This rhythmic moving background piece was specially produced for our teacher, Margot Anand. Just listening to it makes us stream sexual energy.

Dorje Ling by David Parsons
A slow, rhythmic, moving, trancey mix which samples traditional Tibetan music with a gently evolving electronic composition. The first 14-minute track is called "Tantra."

Passion by Peter Gabriel
Over 20 short tracks with mostly subtle rhythms, composed as the score for the "Last Temptation of Christ." Often melodic and sensuous, sometimes quiet, sometimes raucous with a Middle Eastern flair.

Deep Forest , Boheme, and Comparsa by Deep Forest
I don't know if these guys really are African or are Western new age musicians playing earthy sounds. Regardless, the primal nature of Deep Forest's music is great for dancing, moving the hips, and getting sexual energy flowing.

Totem and Bones by Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors
Jeffre loves drums and primitive rhythms so Gabrielle's simple beat turns her on more than most who simply find them trancey.

Relaxing Meditative Music

SAN by Deuter
The consummate new age musician who's responsible for the dynamic music on many of our meditation CDs uses his gentle touch for this series of soft subtle relaxing themes.

Tantric Heart: Music For Lovers by Shastro
Two long slow sensual tracks inspired by Indian themes which is energizing and relaxing.

Radiance, Higher Ground and Sensual Pleasure plus others by Steven Halpern
Evocative, sustained chords float, suspended in time, amply meditative and relaxing.

Tantra Drums by Al Gromer Khan
Mystical, flowing, sensual, erotic, engaging... lovely musical support for slow, ecstatic lovemaking. Transports the listener to another level of consciousness.

Music To Disappear In 1 & Music To Disappear In 2 by Raphael
Key elements in the trancey section of our music collection, bound to lull anyone into a timeless space.

Love's Healing Touch, Worlds Of Love, & River of Romance by Paul Ramana Das Silbey
Romantic new tonal piano compositions to support relaxing meditating and lovemaking. Ramana Das has the uncanny ability to channel deeply felt moods and transform them into powerfully harmonic music, pleasing to both body and soul of the listener. He is also a romantic, a lover and a consort to the goddess energy that is at the core of his musical expression. This intuitive connection seems to flow directly from his heart and mind into fingers that effortlessly fly over the piano keys, bringing forth wave upon wave of emotional beauty.

Sensual Lovemaking Music

The eerie chanting and vocals of ERA are hip and upbeat creating an erotic mood.

Erotic Moods by Nusound
A rhythmic sensual romantic musical journey punctuated by lush electronic sounds.

Mythos & Reality Of A Dreamer by Mythos
This upbeat group centered piano and guitar but with many other instruments in places is our latest favorite, featuring an timeless feeling of mysticism through African, Middle Eastern, and Oriental tones.

Karma, Poem, & Semantic Spaces by Delerium
Maybe because we both love rock and roll so much, Delerium has long been one of our top artists for lovemaking. Their three latest CDs put us into an altered space with electronic sound, hypnotic rhythm, and sensual themes. "Poem" has more strong vocals than the earlier two which pulse right into our subconscious energy centers.

Sensual Sensual, Suave Suave, & Spiritual Spiritual by B-Tribe
Three of our favorite erotic CDs have some Spanish vocalizing over rock-type flamenco music. Since we don't speak the language, it transports us to a romantic space without thinking.

MCMXC A.D, The Cross Of Changes, Le Roi Est Mort, & The Screen Behind The Mirror by Enigma
Any new collection of sensual music has to include Enigma's four great CDs. They're a little verbal and changeable so they don't have the trance-like effect we prefer, but the rich themes and instrumentation make them a joy to listen to.

Echoes of Eden, Erotic Rhythms from Earth, Entwined & Entranced, & O Earthly Gods by Govinda
Our latest favorite for lovemaking. Govinda weaves a mysterious spell with funky Middle Eastern rhythms, hypnotic beats, and delightful surprises. Subtle but driving to fuel the erotic energies.

Buddha Bar, Buddha Bar II, & Buddha Bar III by Claude Challe and various artists
These compilations from the exotic nightclub in Paris of the same name display a high-quality wide-spectrum of new age artists. Most tracks are highly upbeat but all convey a driving vision of enjoying pleasure. If you want to expand your library of sensuous sounds, get these two CD sets. This is one way we fell in love with Govinda.

Ecstatica & Ecstatic Emergence by Paul R.D & Marilena Silbey
An erotic masterpiece that magically weaves both wild passion and heartfelt love for a truly ecstatic dance. A soundtrack for lovers, ECSTATICA 1, hypno trance dance is an album for the sensuous part of you, the part that wants to get the juices flowing with the beloved in your life. Very danceable in the Gabrielle Roth tradition, the Silbeys have added luscious vocals to Ramana's keyboards and synthesizers. Perfect for Tantra, ECSTATICA 1 is an adult album, and not for the faint of heart. It is very New Age in the sense that it promotes sexuality as not just a good thing: it is, in fact, sacred.


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