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Over 100,000 women say KegelMaster™ has changed their lives. As a woman, you deserve the best. Don't be fooled by cheap, ineffective imitations.

The KegelMaster is the ultimate doctor-recommended female exerciser specifically designed to help women build strong healthy sexual muscles. It's made of medical-grade plastic and surgical stainless steel, applying resistance against yoni (Tantric for vagina) muscles as they contract through their full range of motion.

The KegelMaster is only 1.25 inches (3 cm) in diameter when closed and only goes into the yoni 3 inches (7 cm) which allows for easy insertion. By rapidly improving yoni muscle strength and tone, many women have experienced great sexual benefits...

  • Having orgasms after years of difficulties.
  • More intense orgasms after first use.
  • Stronger more satisfying orgasms.
  • Ejaculating orgasms.

What's the key to the success stories of these women? By adding progressive dynamic resistance to Kegel exercises, women have used the KegelMaster to strengthen the vaginal walls and tone the muscles responsible for such orgasms.

Kegel exercises were originally developed by Dr. Arnold Kegel over 50 years ago. He prescribed these exercises just to women after childbirth to rebuild their vaginal muscles and help with stress incontinencies. Later he discovered that muscle weakness could be found in most women over 40, causing pelvic discomfort, bladder dysfunction, and sexual disturbances. From that he concluded that all women should be doing a variable resistance pelvic floor muscle exercise for their general health.

The KegelMaster applies resistance against vaginal muscles as they contract through their full range of motion. Through this simple process, all muscles in the pelvic area are strengthened and toned while circulation increases. One to four springs provide 15 adjustable resistance levels that you can increase as your muscles become stronger. Users report that you can achieve impressive results with only 10 minutes time three times a week.

You'll notice the difference after the first use!


Here is Jeffre's experience with the KegelMaster...

"I've always maintained strong yoni muscles through exercise and practice. But when I tried the KegelMaster for the first time, it made it totally clear how much connection there is between them and pleasure. The higher I adjusted the tension on the exerciser, the better it felt. I couldn't try more than the first 7 of the 15 settings because my orgasms were so strong. Sure gives me the incentive to practice, practice, practice. Because of the lasting benefits to sexual ecstasy, I really recommend you get one for yourself or your lover today."

"This product is awesome! Even after just beginning to use it, I can tell a huge difference. My husband being of small stature hasn't always been able to pleasure me. But now, thanks the KegelMaster, our sex life is becoming very exciting. Thanks again for the awesome product." -- Nancy, Iowa

"At 42 years of age, I am finally able to climax during intercourse, without manual stimulation. How wonderful... this thing really works. I am ordering one right now for my sister's wedding shower gift... the heck with my old standby gift, The Joy of Cooking! Ha ha ha! Maybe I will get a copy of The Joy of Sex to accompany the KegelMaster." --- Patsy, Kentucky

"I am on top of the world. My hubby is too. We are having the best, most wonderful sex-life ever since you know when! Day in and day out! He's always telling me in front of people that I am sooo tight. They think it's with money."

"I have been using the KegelMaster for about 7 months now. My previous testimonial started with... 'I am on my way to being a sex goddess to my hubby.' My husband and I now have sex practically every night and we go at it till we realize it is so late that we must get some sleep. He absolutely loves that I am multi-orgasmic and he feels extremely powerful that he has the ability to make me take such pleasures. He also takes great pleasure in having me tighter than any other woman he's ever been with (he says if I were ever with another man, that man would swear I was a virgin who did her Kegels). The KegelMaster has brought us such renewed love for each other, that it makes me want to cry for the times that we were not both satisfied sexually with each other. But we will only go forward and thank the KegelMaster creator, again, for this awesome product. The KegelMaster REALLY has changed our lives for the better. We love what it's done to keep us together." -- Susan, California

  • Hand-Made Velvet Storage Bag
  • Millennium ID Glide™ Lubricant
  • Instruction Manual

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