Forefront Of Holistic Healing

I have been in the forefront of holistic healing for many decades. My life path has led me in many fascinating directions. I have been a Tantra Teacher for more than a decade, combining my multiple talents as an author, a columnist, a psychologist and an Andean (Inka) shaman.

Disillusionment with allopathic medicine after receiving my B.S. in Nursing from UCLA in 1964 put me solidly on the path of alternative medicine. In 1977, I received my Ph.D. from the California School of Professional Psychology, now Alliant University, in Los Angeles. I immediately opened a holistic health center experimenting with many modalities.

Sex Therapy In Northern California

Moving to Northern California in 1978, I began practicing clinical psychology, specializing in working with couples on intimacy, communication, and sexual issues with the premise that a relationship can only be as whole the two people involved. I was director of the Danville Psychology Associates group of psychotherapists for 15 years. During that time, I helped thousands of singles and couples overcome barriers to intimacy and enjoy more ecstatic sex lives. Offering an organic approach to couples counseling and training, I still frequently facilitate personal growth within the framework of relationship using sexuality as a means as well as an end.

In 1996, Somraj and I moved in together in the beautiful mountains of the Sierra Nevada to pursue our passion for downhill skiing and to enjoy a Tantric lifestyle. Together we founded the Academy of Supreme Bliss Tantra, as part of Using our experiences with Tantra, not to mention the fabulous sexual life we enjoy, together we have co-authored 3 ebooks including Supreme Bliss Tantra Guide To The Ecstasy Of Spiritual Sex, Tantric G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation, and Tantric Sex Life. With a long time psychology colleague, I also co-authored Hotter Sex, Deeper Love, A Practical Guide To Hot Sex And Deep Intimacy For Committed Couples.

Adding Shamanic Healing To The Mix

In 2004 I graduated from the Healing The Light Body School of shamanic healing founded by Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. I assist my teacher with similar classes in California and personally mentors new shamans for the Four Winds Society. Shamanic healing is a form of energy medicine in which the shaman interacts at the energetic level to create the foundation for healing. I am available for individual shamanic healing sessions, which can be done long distance. Currently, I am focusing on integrating the art and science of Tantra with the energetics of shamanic healing.

Because of my continuing theme, I'm always actively engaged in the personal and professional research on the role of orgasmic energy and Tantric Orgasm for women. My goal is to help free the sacred feminine from the shackles of 5000 years of patriarchy and the dominance of masculine energy, thereby unleashing the powerful Shakti energy in every woman that is not only profoundly sexual and sensual but compassionate and unifying. I believe the world very much needs the sacred feminine at this time.

Mi Takuye Oyacin (We are all relatives)

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