Supreme Bliss Tantra Mentors

We are Jeffre and Somraj, the directors of the Academy Of Supreme Bliss Tantra. Supreme bliss is the zenith of sexual ecstasy which transforms orgasmic energy into expanded consciousness. Our approach is called Supreme Bliss Tantra, a comprehensive system of personal transformation based on ancient Eastern spiritual practices which use sexual kundalini energy to deepen love and relationship intimacy to fuel growth and expansion while creating continuous full-body mind-altering Tantric Orgasms.

We founded in 1998 as a way to bring ancient tools that merge sex and spirit to today's world via the internet, telephone mentoring, and live training. Using tools from modern psychology and other healing disciplines, we've blended our extensive spiritual, sexual, and training expertise to create a path for the motivated Westerner to be all they can be. delivers a wide range of Tantric Sex ebooks, ecourses, and articles while connecting seekers with our long-distance mentoring, hands-on coaching, and live training in the Academy of Supreme Bliss Tantra.

We Began With Extensive Credentials

When we met and fell in love in 1996 at a sex and spirituality workshop, we were both accomplished mentors, trainers, and published authors. Jeffre, a highly-experienced psychologist and sex therapist, was completing her training as a Tantra teacher while Somraj was phasing out of his 25 year career teaching people skills and team-building to Fortune 500 companies worldwide. During the mid-1990's, we both studied extensively with Margot Anand, ultimately receiving her personal blessing to teach Tantra.

For over 10 years, we have been exploring a wide spectrum of spirituality and sexuality disciplines. For four straight years we taught Supreme Bliss Tantra at international LifeStyles Conventions in California, Nevada, and Florida. We've completed six levels of Human Awareness Institute "Sex, Love, And Intimacy" workshops plus three levels of Chuluquai Quodoshka Native American sacred sexuality training. In 2001 we were both certified as massage practitioners. As a trained shaman of the Inka tradition, Jeffre continues to teach the energy medicine of the Americas in conjunction with the Four Winds Society.

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We Live Our Lives Tantrically

Not only do we write, speak, mentor, and teach Supreme Bliss Tantra, but we live our lives Tantrically. What does this mean to anyone who might want to learn from us?

We actively experience our divine nature by pursuing pleasure in its many guises, expanding into new areas of intimacy, sexuality, and spirituality in multiple walks of life as well as with other like minded souls. We travel extensively, love music, ski aggressively, and are passionate sports fans. This explains why they live, love, and play in the natural paradise of the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Lake Tahoe, California and why we visit music festivals, travel to Spanish-speaking countries, and connect with people of all sexual preferences around the world.

If you're seeking more passion in life in and out of bed, you couldn't choose better guides. If we were picking Tantra mentors or teachers, we're absolutely positive that we'd pick us.

We Teach That You Are Divine And Your Pleasure Is Sacred

Lest you question if some of our activities are spiritual, note that consciousness pervades all of our actions. We believe that if you follow your bliss and choose what brings you the most pleasure in each moment, you will discover who you really are. The natural healing process built into the practice of Supreme Bliss Tantra supports you facing entrenched resistance and beliefs that don't give you the life you want. By shining the light of consciousness on what gets in your way inside, we show how you can clear your internal energy channels. When your pathways are open, then you can attract anything you want. This is the true power of sacred sex, using the energy generated by your divine sexual desires to release what is unnatural so you may discover your true self.

We teach the divinity of the self and the sacredness of one's sexuality and pleasure. We believe that each of us is born as a child of Great Spirit, Source, the One. We are born divine and ecstatic. It is everyone's birthright to love and feel the ecstasy of being alive and connected through all your senses. Supreme Bliss Tantra says that this is enlightenment on earth: feeling this ecstasy and feeling connected with All That Is all the time.

The Academy Of Supreme Bliss Tantra Welcomes You

Through the mentoring, coaching, and training of the Academy Of Supreme Bliss Tantra, we are available to support your own transformative journey to increase your pleasure, enhance your intimacy, and connect you more strongly to spirit. We offer multiple formats to guide you including teleseminars, telephone mentoring, hands-on sexual healing and Tantric Massage, live coaching, Private Tantra Workshops, and their yearlong Advanced Tantric Initiation, as well as train-the-trainers programs for those wishing to teach Supreme Bliss Tantra.

Dhyana: Our Tahoe Tantric Temple


A drawing of our Tahoe Tantric temple by Obi Kaufmann, soon to be world-renowned artist, and longtime son of Jeffre.

Though we're happy to come to you, we are happy to welcome you at Dhyana, our comfortable mountain home near Lake Tahoe.

We have two wonderful seasons here in addition to year-round Supreme Bliss Tantra: skiing and biking. Come to think of it, the natural beauty of this area is enough reason to come and join us anytime.

We learned an amazing amount about how to flow pure positive energy from Shiva and Shakti, our two Golden Retrievers, who are now gone. You can see them here dry at 3 months and wet (their preferred state) at 18 months. Puppies forever, thank Goddess, wherever they may be now.

After Shakti departed, Sarah joined us and Shiva to round out the pack. She continues to teach us to enjoy every moment.

Young Shiva & Shakti


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