Let Us Be Your Tantric Sex & Sacred Sexuality Mentors

The Academy Of Supreme Bliss Tantra is the perfect place for you to…

  • Practice Supreme Bliss Tantra, Tantric Sex, and the ancient art of Sacred Sexuality,
  • Become a world class lover who can fully satisfy any sex partner,
  • Deepen the intimacy and spiritual connection in your relationship,
  • Develop skilled sexual techniques with Kama Sutra lovemaking,
  • Make sex better with more excitement and pleasure for both of you,
  • Discover how to expand, extend, and supercharge your orgasms, and
  • Become a Tantra Teacher or learn to offer sensual Tantric sessions.

If this is what you're looking for, then you've come to the right place. We can help you get everything you want from love, sex, and life.

Welcome to Tantra At Tahoe's free Explore Tantra Online Guided Tour which starts on our Explore Tantra page. Feel free to start at the beginning, jump around with the menu at the left, or page through using the continue button at the bottom.

How The Academy Delivers Tantra Training

Jeffre and Somraj of the Academy Of Supreme Bliss Tantra from Tantra At TahoeThe Academy Of Supreme Bliss Tantra is led by us: Somraj on the far right and Jeffre TallTrees, Ph.D. on his left. We believe we are the perfect choice to be your Tantra Teachers, coaches, mentors, and guides. We want to share our decades of experience mentoring, coaching, teaching, and writing with you. Click here to read our bios.

Our Academy Of Supreme Bliss Tantra isn't a building or a fixed curriculum, but rather a combination of proven methods of opening your heart, activating your dormant sexual energy, and awakening your spiritual life force. The four main ways the Academy Of Supreme Bliss Tantra can guide this ecstatic journey are…

Tantra Workshops

Private Tantra WorkshopWe primarily offer Tantra Workshops for singles and couples in private to create a safe environment and tailor practices to what's most vital for you. These intensive day-long sessions are the fastest way for you to breakthrough what's in the way of your pleasure and blocking your joy. We send you home with the inspiration and tools to transform your sex life, love life, and spiritual life into what you've always dreamed about.

Tantric Sex CoachingTantric Sex Coaching

We can answer your burning questions, counsel you about problems, and guide your spiritual and sexual practices by telephone, email, or in person. Whether live or long distance, Tantric Sex Coaching is completely focused on you and what's up for you right now.

Tantra Home Courses

Couple who Explore TantraOur Tantra Home Courses cover a huge spectrum of Tantra, Tantric Sex, and Kama Sutra in the form of Ebooks, Ecourses, Private Tantra Lessons, and Super Discount Home Course Packages. Except for the private lessons which are by telephone, our other Tantra Home Courses are based on electronic online documents you easily download and print that present what we teach in simple terms and with step-by-step practice instructions. But if you're seeking something you don't see, we can easily put together a tailored program just for you.

Tantra Love Holiday

Tantra Love HolidayWhat better way to launch a new love relationship, heal a faltering sex drive, or recapture lost passion than through our Tantra Love Holiday. Visit our mountain paradise of Lake Tahoe for several days of tailored Supreme Bliss Tantra workshops or Tantric Sex sessions. Between delightful relationship and sex transformation, enjoy hiking, boating, golf, or world-class skiing. We'll help you arrange lodging and transportation, schedule your private practice time, gourmet dining, and recreation around our private training and coaching.

Advanced Programs

Yearlong Program For Total Commitment

For those who've decided that they want to use Supreme Bliss Tantra and Spiritual Sex as it was originally intended, for complete personal, spiritual, and relationship transformation, we accept a limited number of singles and couples to our yearlong Advanced Tantric Initiation.

Become A Tantra Teacher Or Offer Sensual Tantric Sessions

If you want to share Supreme Bliss Tantra and the delights of Kama Sutra lovemaking with others, begin with our Advanced Tantric Initiation. At the end of your yearlong program, we'll mentor you in beginning your own practice to teach Supreme Bliss Tantra and offer private sessions.

Is It Safe To Work With Us?

Yes, it is. And we're glad you asked. Especially across the Internet, you should be discriminating about who you connect with. Tantric consciousness encourages us all to be responsible and make sex safe.

Actually, we prefer to call it "smart sex." Worrying about safety is profoundly non-Tantric. But being conscious about enjoying a robust sex life with wisely-chosen partners and avoiding disease and all those weirdoes out there, now that's smart. So that's real Tantric.

We're professionals which you can confirm here by reading our bios. To get more comfortable with our way of working, review the key principles that we believe in and follow. At all times we honor these simple guidelines…

  • We help you feel better about yourself and find your true self in your sex life.
  • We understand your desires and make suggestions about how you can experiment and develop yourself.
  • We always let you choose and won't force you to do anything you decide not to. This includes talk, nudity, sex -- you name it, you're the boss.
  • The last thing we aim to do is to pressure, put down, or embarrass you.
  • We welcome people of any race, age, or sexual orientation.
  • We applaud sexual living in all its myriad possibilities. Imposing unworkable beliefs is what got many of us into resistant situations in the first place.

Divine sex, and all that happens to you in life, we believe, is consensual. So you choose what you want to try, enjoy, and change. Of course, we might encourage you to try new things. But the decision to test or play is yours.

Our FREE Tantra Training Consult

Tantra Training ConsultTantra Training ConsultIf you're seriously interested in our Supreme Bliss Tantra training, we invite you to click here to register for our FREE no-obligation Tantra Training Consult.

For more information first, click continue below to learn about our long list of Tantra Workshops on the next page of our free Explore Tantra Online Guided Tour.

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