Tantric ManBecome a Tantric Man and master Male Tantra so you can...

  • Satisfy any woman and bring her unimaginable ecstasy every time,
  • Overcome premature ejaculation to make love for hours,
  • Expand sex to include heart and spirit in order to experience incredible states of pleasure,
  • Strengthen erections and learn to enjoy multiple, full-body orgasms, and
  • Be the kind of partner that women want who fully embraces life, love, and sex!

What Is Tantra For Men & What Is A Tantric Man?

Tantra is the ancient Eastern spiritual practice that uses sexual energy for personal growth and consciousness expansion. Now how's that for good news! Imagine a new age method that helps Tantric men evolve spiritually while having -- and giving -- the most ecstatic sex of their lives. Well, that's Supreme Bliss Tantra, our style of teaching you to be a Tantric Man.

This part of our free Explore Tantra Online Guided Tour, which starts on our Explore Tantra page (see menu at left), explains the tremendous benefits men can gain from Supreme Bliss Tantra.

Maybe My Male Tantric Story Will Help

No doubt you already know a lot about life and love, women and sex. I'm guessing you're here because you're interested in more. And there is so much more when you learn to use the ancient spiritual tools of the East.

SomrajMaybe my male Tantric story will help you relate to what Supreme Bliss Tantra can do for you. I'm Somraj from Lake Tahoe, California, and just turned 60. Long before I heard about Supreme Bliss Tantra for men, I was always really into sex even though I couldn't last very long during sex.

Then about 10 years ago my sex drive started dropping. Yes, I'm talking about not being able to get it up, keep it up, and please my partner. My sexual confidence took another big hit when my previous wife of 10 years discovered, with the help of a friend's vibrator, that she'd been faking orgasms during lovemaking. So I was pretty much totally crushed.

We tried lots of things (except female or male Tantric techniques), but nothing much changed. At least I forced myself to last a little longer during intercourse, but unfortunately, knowing virtually nothing about Tantra for men, it came at the expense of my own pleasure.

JeffreFortunately, before long I met Jeffre, now my wife, who was studying to be a Tantra teacher. She invited me to a Tantra training session where we learned to breath, move sensuously, and make sounds to enhance pleasure. I tried it and it felt OK. Then she tried it for 10 minutes and came! Now mind you, neither of us were touching her body. She just exploded with orgasmic energy.

That's when I remembered the movie When Harry Met Sally. But this time it was me saying "I'll have what she's having." I started practicing the spiritual methods that made me a Tantric man and soon my lovemaking skills and sex life became completely fantastic.

Now with Supreme Bliss Tantra, getting older isn't much of an issue and most of my old sexual issues are history. I've learned how to satisfy a woman far beyond what I was used and what they expect. More important, though, I've really learned how to have orgasm after orgasm and still want more. It's like floating endlessly on an orgasmic cloud, never wanting to land, which is partly why we call it Spiritual Sex.

Do You Want To Become A Tantric Man & Revolutionize Your Sex Life?

But let's talk about you and why you want to learn Supreme Bliss Tantra for men...

  • Tantric Man That Women WantDo you want to learn more ways to drive women wild? Supreme Bliss Male Tantra can teach you to approach women in a way that makes them invite you in. When you lead from the heart, you'll become the kind of lover they crave to be with. When you learn to read their subtle language of energy, you can help them discover what turns them on and ask for it. Of course, a Tantric Man is kind enough to give it to them.
  • Do you want to be more playful, spontaneous, and creative in bed? You already know that women's bodies, minds, and spirits respond differently than ours. That's one of the Supreme Bliss Tantra secrets to sharing orgasmic energy, being sensitive to whatever shows up, dropping your agendas, and just flowing with what feels good. That's the style of Tantric Sex, where each of your whims lead and your the fantasies you play out propel you to unheard of peaks of pleasure.

  • Do you want make life, love, and sex more of a spiritual experience? Then simply embrace the male Tantric attitude that you're there to worship the Goddess energy in your beloved. That doesn't mean you lose your masculinity. Rather it means you engage from a higher awareness that recognizes she's a reflection of the divine, as you are. Then life, love, and sex become sacred, exhilarating, and spiritually nourishing for both of you, not to mention healthy fun.

  • Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery Ebook from Tantra At TahoeDo you want to enjoy multiple, full-body, cosmic orgasms yourself? Well, Supreme Bliss Tantra for men will teach you a whole new spectrum of positions, techniques, and erogenous zones inside both of you that you can trigger to dramatically activate new waves of pleasure for both of you. Begin your path with orgasm mastery so you can voluntarily time your ejaculations when they're best for your lover and most powerful for you. Click here to check out our best-selling Ultimate Premature Ejaculation Mastery Ebook.

There's More Than Anatomy, Technique, & Positions To The Tantric Man

If you persevere with your Supreme Bliss Man Tantra study -- and make no mistake, it takes time, discipline, and practice -- you'll become even more expert in female anatomy, sensual touch, sensitive communication, arousing foreplay, oral sex, G-Spot massage, and Kama Sutra sex positions. You'll learn how to give and receive a huge spectrum of ecstatic sensations and a wide variety of new kinds of orgasms.

But that's really just the start. Male Tantric Sex is about much more than just the mechanics of lovemaking. Supreme Bliss Tantra is more about feelings and energy. It's about bringing heart and spirit into the bedroom.

I know, I know, these are definitely NOT the kinds of things that guys in the Western world are bred for. At least, I wasn't.

Not to worry. If you're willing and interested, with the help of Supreme Bliss Tantra for males, you can easily learn to be a Tantric man and reach startling new heights in life, love, and sex. And by mastering the tools of sex, love, and spirit, you'll naturally make love the way women want.

That's what the next Male Tantra page in our free Explore Tantra Online Guided Tour is all about, what women want.

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