Tantra Couples Find An Extraordinary Journey Of Love & Passion

Tantric CoupleTantra couples learn to deepen their love and ignite their passion. The ancient art and science of Supreme Bliss Tantra is the foundation for an extraordinary journey for the Tantra couple, where spirit and sex become indistinguishable and Tantric relationships reach great heights of couple love.

This part of our free Explore Tantra Online Guided Tour which starts on our Explore Tantra page (see menu on the left) explains why you want to become a Tantra Couple.

Although you don’t have to be a partnership or be married, being a Tantric couple does have its rewards. Because Tantra is about energy, sexual energy specifically, which we believe is universal life force energy, when there is partner Tantra, the energy levels are higher and stronger, the transformative path speedier.

Supreme Bliss Tantra is a spiritual path that uses the feelings, thoughts and sensations of a sexual nature to blend one’s essence with the universe, with spirit, becoming one, with no separation between the Tantra couple. The sacred masculine and the sacred feminine energies balance at the multiple levels of heart, mind, sex and soul.

Tantric Relationship Workshops

Beloveds in a Tantric relationship can use the energy with each other to achieve high states arousal and ecstasy. This journey can involve two trained Tantrics (those who practice Supreme Bliss Tantra) who are not in relationship but they are able to generate and use the energy to achieve ecstatic states and find that oneness with spirit.

We love to work with singles and couples both. As noted above, couples Tantra can be very powerful, but we have had outstanding results with Tantric singles as well. We work carefully to ensure that each individual is learningPrivate Tantra Workshops from Tantra At Tahoe how to get in touch with their energies, sensations and their heart self.

Instead of group trainings, we prefer to teach Private Tantra Workshops so that we can give each of you individualized attention, planning the program just for you and your needs.

Tantric Couples Continuously Revitalize Their Turn-On

Perhaps your relationship has cooled since you first met, and you want to make your relationship Tantric, then couple Tantra, Supreme Bliss Tantra style, is just what you’re looking for. We (humans that is) are wired to have that initial infatuation bring us together, but then the neurotransmitters return to a pre-love level. As a result, sex often gets put on the far back burner.

When you become a Tantric couple, you'll each look inside for the answers and for your own turn-on. Then you'll launch yourselves on a never-ending journey with endless possibilities where sexual desire can be renewed. Sexual encounters become moments of deep bonding where each partner stops worrying, knowing that each will receive out- of-this-world pleasure. This comes when you accept pleasure as a priority in your life and not something you seek at the end of the day after all your chores are done.

Tantra Partners Balance Energy

Hotter Sex, Deeper Love Ebook from Tantra At TahoeSupreme Bliss Tantra is very much into balancing the male and female energies within each of us as well as between the partners. Partner Tantra is when our energies are balanced, then our energy increases because the system is no longer stressed with energy leaking out. This balancing often involves sexual healing and deepening intimacy for each partner by improving communication skills between the Tantric partners.

In our user-friendly how-to ebook, Hotter Sex, Deeper Love, you'll find a complete guide to couple’s communication skills. The premise of the ebook is that you can deepen love and make sex hotter when the two of you learn to be emotionally intimate, truthful and open with one another.

Marriage Tantra For Enduring Sexual Satisfaction

Tantra CoupleYes, you can be married and enjoy all the benefits of Supreme Bliss Tantra. Tantra is not about sleeping with others, it’s about owning your sexuality and expressing it fully.

Marriage Tantra is the key to enduring pleasure and sexual satisfaction, not to mention the spiritual benefits. The marriage Tantric learns to use sexual energy and their own physical, emotional and spiritual system to move into a meditative state. When sex becomes a meditation, the rest of the world disappears and all that remains, is love and ecstasy.

Supreme Bliss Tantra can only enhance and build on the love for couples. Although there are healing aspects to Tantra, its greatest asset is the way it can transform a couple’s love life. Couple love grows and desire flourishes.

Buy Ebook PackageBuying our ebooks, Supreme Bliss Tantra and Hotter Sex, Deeper Love will start you on your very own journey to the ultimate in couple love and juicy sex.(Click on Buy Package to save 22% when you download them together.)

Don’t wait until your love life is cool or cooler, act now. Let the wisdom of the ancients inspire you and transform your life, your sex life and your intimacy.

Tantra Love Is Next

Our Explore Tantra Online Guided Tour continues with Tantra Love.

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