Male Tantra Teaches Tantric Men What Women Want In & Out Of Bed

You must know that every woman craves to be worshipped. That's because deep inside she's actually a unique version of the ultimate Goddess who is playful, passionate, and powerful. Supreme Bliss Tantra for males will show you how to activate those divine qualities that draw you to the feminine, and leave the rest behind.

It's a common belief that men want sex and women want love. Actually we all want both. It's just that non Tantric men start at the genitals while most women want you to approach their heart first. With Supreme Bliss Male Tantra, you can learn to meet in the middle and satisfy every woman's desire for intimacy, respect, sensitivity, communication, safety, and love -- the ingredients to hot, erotic, divine sex.

I bet you already know some of the secrets of male Tantra. Most women want you to...

  • Know what they're thinking and feeling without speaking up,
  • Do exactly what turns them on in every moment even when they don't what that is, and
  • Take charge and sweep them off their feet without being too pushy so they can maintain unspoken control.

Unless you're a Tantra man, you can get hopelessly lost in these confounding contradictions. Which is part of the purpose of this part of our free Explore Tantra Online Guided Tour which starts on our Explore Tantra page.

The Male Tantric Prescription For Satisfying Women

What the Goddess in every woman desires is for you to tune in to what she wants and honor her completely before you push your own agenda. She craves you to want her heart and soul before she gives you her body. Supreme Bliss Tantra for men teaches you how to read her energy, gauge your timing, and seduce her only when she demands it.

So who's really in charge then? Well, you are once you get the green light. But so is she because her body, mind, and soul determine the timing.

Male TantraIf you're a Tantric Man at heart, then you want what women really want. That place where sex, heart, spirit, bodies, and minds all merge into one. Supreme Bliss Tantra male practice teaches you how to make love the way women really need by concentrating on the subtle flow of sexual and spiritual energy at multiple levels.

That's why Supreme Bliss Tantra for men is also called sacred sexuality. When you both float together in an altered state of bliss, ecstatic energy circling through and between your bodies, you reach a still timeless place where you are totally connected. You feel no separation, no distance. You become one with each other and the universe.

Have you ever experienced this? Do you want to? Then you're already halfway to being a Tantric man.

How A Tantric Man Learns Supreme Bliss Tantra

How can you build on what you already know about sex, love, and spirit to become the ultimate Tantric Man?

First, you need to heighten your sensitivity to your feelings and your body. Most of us are so armored that this takes diligent practice and gradual healing. The good news with Supreme Bliss Tantra for men is that you'll want to practice again and again because the erotic exercises make you feel so damn good.

Male TantraNext, you have to get out of your head. If you're anything like us average Western guys, your mind has been conditioned to create agendas, lead, and push for success. That may work for you in the outside world, but inside you need to learn another way of relating. Do this by getting in touch with the present moment without expectation.

Though this may be very new to you, with our Supreme Bliss Male Tantra training, coaching, ebooks, and ecourses, it's actually easy to become the ultimate Tantric man. You just have to practice simple things like breathing and relaxing, focusing and feeling.

It helps if you can drop all pretense that you're the complete master of all things sexual. I don't mean to put down what you already know. What I mean is that you've got to drop your assumptions, forget what worked last time, and follow your partner's energy in each moment. Such is the frustrating gift of feminine sexuality: she's different at every turn.

In other words, instead of thinking and planning, focus on what's creating pleasure right now alone.

Believe me, you'll have more fun when you drop your goals in bed and simply keep doing whatever feels good to both of you in each moment. This will rid you of one of the biggest male sexual problems, namely performance anxiety.

When you create this kind of authentic relationship with your partner so that sex becomes divine play, not a performance or an Olympic competition, you'll be known far and wide as the kind of Tantric Man that women whisper about with glee.

How To Start Becoming A Tantric Man

Does any of this interest you? Do you realize what you already know that qualifies you as a Tantric man? Are you turned on about what more you want to learn? Here are some options to consider...

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