Tantra Couples Use Sexual Energy For Personal Growth & Relationship Transformation

There's another reason why Supreme Bliss Tantra uses sexual energy as the fuel for personal growth and relationship transformation. And it's another of the ancient secrets of sacred sexuality.

We all have the life force energy of our opposite gender inside. Women have the potential for strength, decisiveness, and leadership. Men have the potential to go with the flow, support, and create harmony. Ancient cultures often viewed these oft neglected parts of our being as the sacred masculine or sacred feminine, seeing both as a product of the divine.

The ancients saw these as part of the whole, as demonstrated by the yin-yang symbol. The dot on each side represents that some of the other genders energy appears in each.

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Out Of Balance Lovers Make Out Of Balance Relationships

The ancients knew that it's essential to develop all parts of yourself. Unfortunately, developing the abilities of the opposite gender just isn't encouraged in the modern world. Tantra Couple

Just as most cultures today split sex and spirit, we find ourselves conditioned to be either masculine and feminine, but not both. So, though we all have equal opportunity to be internally gender balanced, most of us are socially programmed to lead with the strengths of our physical gender.

When your inner genders are out of balance with each other -- in other words when you don't own, accept, and love all parts of yourself fully -- then the empty places inside drive you to seek completion outside of yourself. You project what you lack, your gaps, your limitations on others and expect them to fill them.

That's often why those with relationship troubles keep attracting the same kind of partners who doesn't meet their needs. If one of your parents filled that gap, or created that gap that you haven't been able to fill, you might be seeking fulfillment outside of yourself when healing the inner rift is the only way you'll ever be at peace.

You Need A Healthy, Stable Inner Man & Woman To Generate Ecstasy

If love becomes a dance where you try to get the other to heal your wounded self, huge rifts develop between you. Since you're both too busy trying to get the other to make you whole, neither of you gets any satisfaction.

When you're out of gender balance with yourself, it's as if there are only fragments of your true self. Having incomplete pieces makes it difficult for you to reach anywhere near your potential for creating love, relationship harmony, spiritual connection, sexual pleasure, and Tantric cosmic orgasm.

Then being stable, at peace with yourself, and enjoying life is a hollow dream. Like a battery that needs two solid poles of opposite polarity to generate a flow of electricity between them, fragmented selves can't hold their position long enough to generate orgasmic energy or once awakened, contain it.

This might lead you to wonder how these dynamics influence men and women who choose gay lifestyles. In light of this perspective, Supreme Bliss Tantra can be highly effective in same sex relationships.

The Alchemy Of Male Female Balance In Supreme Bliss Tantra

Awakening the potential of the other inner gender is one of the underlying processes at work in the life, love, and sensual transformation wrought by Supreme Bliss Tantra. The magic of this ancient secret is like alchemy, merging two average metals into gold.

This doesn't mean that you'll lose your identity and flip to the opposite. Tantric alchemy helps you ADD to what's already working in your life.

For example, strong, decisive men can learn to listen better and tune into their feelings. This helps them give and experience more pleasure. Soft, agreeable women get more empowered to know what they want and ask for it. What a revolution this creates in their sex life!

You see, he doesn't have to become a wimp and she doesn't need to be mean to blend in the opposite gender.

Part of Supreme Bliss Tantra is to view source of your partner's life force as a reflection of the divine God or Goddess within. We honor the sacred masculine or sacred feminine that our beloved represents, as we do that same life force within us.

Couple Relationships Shift Dramatically

Tantra CoupleCan a broken-hearted woman and an insecure man ever find true love? Doesn't it take two whole, unified beings who want to give themselves fully for a relationship to thrive?

Yes, that's the gender alchemy of Supreme Bliss Tantra. True love is harmony between your inner man and woman. When they fall in love, only then can you love another genuinely.

When your inner man and woman are alive and well and living inside, you'll find a dramatic shift in how your relationships go. Men tend to be more attentive, more loving, more romantic. Women tend to be clearer, more open, and more pleasure seeking.

When you're each whole, you can each express both sides when it's needed. You can come together fresh and new in each moment, able to unleash your innate life force and power to co-create sexual energy and spiritual communion.

Don't Miss The Details About Tantra Couples, Men, & Women

If anything on this page has raised doubts or concerns about your love relationship, please talk to us about what's come up. Though the transformative power of Supreme Bliss Tantra largely rests on teaching yourself to enjoy, we offer energetic, shamanic, and psychological therapies to help start the pursuit of pleasure on the right foot. Click here for more details about Tantric Sexual Healing.

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