Tantric Sexual Healing Targets Breakthroughs

Tantric Sexual Healing is one major avenue that we may include in your Tantric Sex Coaching program. Supreme Bliss Tantra always focuses on positive solutions and expanding pleasure. But sometimes emotional, psychological, or spiritual blockages get in your way, preventing you from getting what you want in sex, love, or life.

How do you know if Tantric Sexual Healing should be included in your coaching program? You can ask yourself if you...

  • Want to turn around a difficult life situation?
  • Need to delve into a serious sexual issue?
  • Urgently crave a solution to a persistent problem?
  • Feel something isn't right but don't know what to do?

You can also let the choice of the most effective steps up to us, the seasoned experts who've dealt with issues like yours many times over the years.

How Many Tantric Sexual Healing Sessions Do You Need?

Maybe one session is all you need.

Or maybe we'll need to meet weekly, talk by phone regularly, or email repeatedly to review progress, clear obstacles that arise, and give you more Tantric Sex tools. We'll only continue until you find what you're looking for. You decide. It's all about your pleasure.  

We always begin with an initial session where we'll identify what you want, what we think you need, and what's in your way. By starting this way, we'll all agree on a clear program of what to do to solve your sexual problems, get where you want to go, and make your sex life a total success with Supreme Bliss Tantra.

Tantric Sexual Healing Can Be A Beginning Or An Ending

When your initial session is the first step in a continuing Tantric Sex Coaching program, we'll help you work out a multi-step personal/relationship growth program for a series of solutions and skill-building tools. We'll support your progress by...

  • guiding you through the practices on your program,
  • reviewing your progress and clearing any obstacles that arise,
  • troubleshooting new problems that get in your way,
  • providing the structure to encourage you to do your homeplay, and
  • inspiring you with encouragement and others' success stories so that you'll persevere.

Tantric Sexual Healing Sessions

We use a wide range of tools to help you free your energy and open to the joys of spiritual sex. Since Tantric Sexual Healing focuses within, there's lots you can do without a partner. Of course, we use discussion therapy where necessary to sort out confusions, identify root causes, and unravel relationship issues. But mostly we guide you to practice or practice with you.

When coaching you through a standard program or counseling about specific problems, we select practices that help you master your kundalini, or sexual life force energy.

Tantric Sexual Healing primarily works to relax, release, and unblock your energy channels, ultimately freeing your orgasmic flows. That's how we help you clear your mind, stimulate your energy, and focus your spiritual life force.

Some Tantric Sexual Healing Tools We Use

Here are some of the primary tools we use in our Tantric Sexual Healing...

  • Sexual Practices Coaching
  • Traditional Sex Therapy
  • Supervised Energy Exercises
  • Relationship Counseling        
  • Communication Exercises
  • Home Study Of Videos & Books
  • Sensual Massage
  • Pelvic Healing
  • Solo Homeplay Assignments
  • Partner Homeplay Assignments
  • Dynamic Mediations
  • Guided Visualizations
  • Hypnotic Visualizations
  • Traumatic Incident Regressions
  • Shamanic Energy Healing

Many of these tools work long distance. Others may require meeting in person.

To Started With Tantric Sexual Healing

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For More Information About Tantric Sexual Healing

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What Is Tantric Sex Coaching?

Tantric Sex Coaching is one-on-one training, problem-solving, and therapy in person or over the phone for specific things you want to change in your sex life, love life, and spiritual life. Sometimes all you need for a breakthrough with a conflict or hang-up are one or two one-hour sessions with a professional sex or relationship expert. Sometimes Tantric Sex Coaching is a continuing program of weekly skill-building one or two-hour sessions that guides your homeplay assignments so that you can get what you want in and out of bed.

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When You Want More Than Tantric Sex Coaching?

Tantric Sex Coaching is focused on specific issues you choose. When you want to completely transform your sex life, love life, or spiritual life using Supreme Bliss Tantra, you'll probably want to consider our Private Tantra Workshops or even our yearlong Advanced Tantric Initiation.

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Learn Supreme Bliss Tantra to improve your sex life

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