What Is The Tantric Goddess Awakening Journey?

  • Rediscover your sacred feminine power,
  • Embrace your full spiritual potential by opening your heart to love,
  • Expand your enjoyment of pleasure, sexual delight, and all of life through...

A series of spiritual bodywork sessions that help you reclaim your native spiritual harmony by shedding energy blockages inhibiting the free flow of divine life-force through your body, mind, and soul.

The Lost Sacred Feminine Still Lives At Your Core

Few women live in their native state of divine love, spiritual peace, and sexual ecstasy -- which are all one. Before so many ties to Mother Earth were severed, indigenous cultures lived in harmony with nature and the great Goddess.

Now, the restrictions, abuses, and conflicting messages of modern life suppress the sacred feminine at the core of every woman. Lost love, life stress, and sexual trauma can leave you with energetic scars that lessen your passion for living. All of this can block the unfettered flow of your natural life-force energy which is bubbling like a spring of spiritual nectar within you.

Wouldn't you rather be living in peace, harmony, and love, celebrating beauty, compassion, and creativity?

Your Quest For The Goddess Within

Tantric Goddess Awakening JourneyThe Tantric Goddess Awakening Journey will help you reconnect with the sacred stream of feminine energy at your core. It's a series of personal development sessions that help you reclaim your true Goddess nature and shed what isn't working in your life.

Your journey will remind you how to summon the power of the Goddess to heal old wounds blocking your life-force energy:

  • Be free to be who you really are.
  • Open your heart and deepen your intimacy.
  • Magnetically attract who and what you want.
  • Awaken your fun, frolic, pleasure, and orgasm channels.
  • Unify your body, mind, and soul to feel whole.
  • Live life, make love, and enjoy each moment passionately.

Take this healing, growth opportunity just for yourself. Break from the grip of your past and the constant need to serve others. Learn to dwell in your divine heart, in harmony with nature, love, and life.

Tantric Goddess Awakening JourneyHow Does The Goddess Journey Work?

The Tantric Goddess Awakening Journey shows you how to summon her love, strength, and wisdom at will by harnessing the transformative power of your own life-force energy. The journey's secret is Supreme Bliss Tantra, the ancient art of sacred sexuality which began thousands of years ago in India as an earth-based spirituality rooted in the feminine.

Your journey unfolds in a series of Spiritual BodyWork sessions under the gentle guidance and tender touch of a Tantric Guide who will teach you to call forth blissful kundalini energy so you can open blocked channels and befriend your joyful Goddess nature. By expanding your sensual abilities, you'll gradually dissolve the emotional, psychological, or spiritual obstructions that keep you from being all you are. You'll learn to trust your divine potential, open your heart to love, expand your ability to experience sexual pleasure, and embrace all the joys life has to offer.

You’ll reclaim your true spiritual connection on this journey, the fastest pathway back to full Goddess-hood.

Four Elements Speed Your Journey

Tantric Goddess Awakening JourneyFour critical elements will speed your Journey...

  • Permission: Your Tantric Guide will honor you just as you are, as you learn to give yourself permission to be your total Goddess self.

  • Purification: You'll purify your life-force by self-awareness, self-love, and discarding old baggage as you become an open vessel via healing massage.

  • Practice: Through practice, you'll learn to sense, summon, activate, channel, and amplify the power of the delicious spectrum of subtle Goddess life-force energies.

  • Empowerment: As your innate wisdom and quiet strength return, you'll exercise sweet, compassionate power bringing peace and love to everyone you touch.


"Let us reclaim YOU, the flawless diamond untarnished by old baggage, who is shining love, radiant and pure, passionate and beautiful." -- SOMRAJ, your Tantric Guide


What Is Spiritual BodyWork?

Tantric Goddess Awakening JourneySpiritual BodyWork is a series of guided, heart-centered, healing, sensual massage sessions designed to align your body, mind, and soul. With gentle guidance and tender touch, your Tantric Guide focuses your consciousness on opening your own subtle energy channels. Through breath, movement, sound, and touch, you use your own life-force energy to cleanse, heal, and empower yourself. YOU direct each session so that you realize your own vision of your Goddess nature at your own pace.

Sacred Space & Sacred Contract

Each session begins by talking briefly with your Tantric Guide to clarify where you are and where you want to go. We do this by first creating a heart-centered Sacred Space so that we work together in a safe, private, spiritual enclave. As well, we'll agree on a Sacred Contract for our time together, which includes the Tantric Partnering Questions: your desires, concerns, and boundaries. Honoring your wishes comes first.

Kundalini RisingKundalini Rising

Although your Tantric Guide will listen carefully to whatever you share, Spiritual BodyWork is much faster and more effective than talk therapy because it frees the river of sacred feminine life-force lying dormant inside. As you connect with the current of kundalini, or bright, luminous, psycho-spiritual-sexual energy that fuels the desire for liberation, you'll gradually dissolve the sources of pain and suffering holding you back. You'll learn to sense, summon, activate, and amplify the life-giving stream of divine light flowing deep within you to reclaim your full Goddess self.

The Goddess Always Leads

A critical element of every step on your Journey is learning what you need and asking for what you want in each moment. Unless the Goddess leads, how can we empower your divine feminine? What's unique about Spiritual BodyWork is that your energy, and words as necessary, steer the massage. Although your professional Tantric Guide will suggest, it's essential that you always choose consciously to feel in total control at all times.

Tantric Goddess Awakening Ritual

Spiritual BodyWork Is A Goddess Ritual

Spiritual BodyWork sessions last about three hours, allowing adequate time for your comfort, heart-connection, and profound relaxation. Each session is a ritual that honors your sacred feminine, celebrates your innate wisdom, and follows your growing awareness of what's right for you. You'll learn energy tools, let go of old stuff, and feel good through and through. Sessions may include Tantric breathing, dynamic meditation, shamanic energy healing, soul retrieval journeys, deep-tissue de-armoring, and sensual practice.

Relaxing, Therapeutic, Or Sensual Massage?

Each time you'll receive nurturing, energizing Tantric touch, which, under your guidance, can transition from gently relaxing, deeply therapeutic, subtly sensual, sexually healing, to highly erotic. You'll feel safe and secure before any step. Sexual energy is a powerful teacher if used consciously, wisely, and sacredly. As you invite increasingly sensual touch without actually having sex with your Tantric Guide, you'll activate more kundalini, direct it to reveal more of who you really are, and employ it to empower more of your true Goddess nature.


"Oh Goddess, accept your innate beauty, wisdom, and strength. Ecstasy is your birthright. Divine spirit is your guide. Supreme Bliss is your destiny. You are the Goddess I aim to serve, with your blessing. Forget any need to reciprocate, this is your time to be completely adored. Let me help you awaken the vast vistas of peace, pleasure, and power at the Goddess's disposal."  -- SOMRAJ, your Tantric Guide



Who Offers Your Tantric Goddess Awakening Ritual?

Somraj your Tantric Guide

Somraj Is Your Tantric Guide

I am a certified bodyworker, Tantric mentor, and leader of sacred rituals. I've been a coach, trainer, and personal growth facilitator for thousands of people since 1969. After an chemistry degree, I spent my first decades as a corporate training consultant. Falling in love with Jeffre caused my first retirement. And  then we created TantraAtTahoe.com. Along the way I've written 10 books, dozens of articles, and countless Supreme Bliss Tantra and people skills how-to manuals. I'm a private pilot, avid skier, bike rider, and rockhound.  I derive great joy in assisting others to release inhibitions so they can thoroughly enjoy life. I can be charming, witty, irreverent, intense, serene, or passionate. But mostly I revere the Goddess in every woman.

Jeffre your Professional Adviser

Jeffre Is The Journey's Professional Adviser

Dr. Jeffre TallTrees serves as professional advisor for the sessions of your Tantric Goddess Awakening Journey. She has 29 years experience as a psychologist, sex therapist, and holistic health practitioner. As co-founder of TantraAtTahoe.com, she teaches Supreme Bliss Tantra with her beloved Somraj. Plus, she offers private light body healing sessions, teaches shamanic energy medicine, and serves as senior staff member for The Four Winds Society.



Ready To Begin Or Do You Have Questions First?


Currently, the Tantric Goddess Awakening Journey is not a fee for service. Donations are graciously accepted.

RegisterWe do ask that you first complete our introductory consultation, the Tantric Sex Assess. This one-hour interview, which can be done in person or by telephone, lets us collect some information about your situation, interests, and challenges. It provides an opportunity for you to get your questions answered, settle any concerns you have, and understand how the Journey may affect you. Plus, it gives us both a chance to get to know each other.

If you're an existing client and have already completed our Tantric Sex Assess, simply call or email using the links below to schedule your first Tantric Goddess Awakening Journey session.

If you're interested but have questions or concerns, we'd be happy to talk by telephone or exchange emails first...

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