• How can you reach the summit of sexual ecstasy every time?
  • What is the Tantric solution to all your sexual problems?
  • How can you deepen the intimacy in your relationship?
  • How can you supercharge your sex life with energetic Tantric Orgasms?

In our Tantric Sex Assess, we'll answer these questions directly. We'll make it clear how you can realize your sexual potential.

In a refreshing confidential hour on the phone together (or in person or via email if you prefer), we'll explain how you can...

  • Learn the life-altering secrets of Tantra as quickly as possible.
  • Make lovemaking last and last and last.
  • Incorporate spirituality into sacred sexuality, and
  • Experience easier, stronger, multiple, full-body orgasms.

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Our Tantric Sex Assess is a private telephone conversation with us where we show you how to make your sex life a total success. If you're a business person, you might call it an introductory assessment and strategic planning session.

In this personalized one-hour interview, we'll first explore, understand, and assess...

  • how fulfilling your sex life is today,
  • your desires from the perspective of Tantra, Kama Sutra, and sacred sexuality,
  • your situation from the view point of modern sex therapy,
  • in short, where you're coming from, and where you want to go.

Next, with our extensive experience in Tantra and modern sexology, we'll help you analyze your love channels, intimacy dynamics, and sexual energy situation. We'll share some proven advice about how you can best incorporate the art of ecstasy into your love life and intimate relationships. Finally, we'll recommend a program of study, practice, coaching, and training to get you to your Tantric destination as soon as possible.

WHY A Tantric Sex Assess?

Your Tantric Sex Assess is the most important first step you can ever take to completely revitalize your love life. How can we make such a profound claim?

  • Because we know that the ancient secrets of Tantra can totally transform YOUR intimate relationships.

  • Because we've recommended proven solutions to YOUR problems to others who've permanently changed their sexual dynamics.

  • Because we're sure that within the wealth of potent tools in the Kama Sutra the right answer speaks to what YOU need and want.

But there's such an overwhelming amount of information and a myriad of life-altering methods in the ancient texts, it's not easy for the average person to access. You've got to be asking yourself "Which will give me the results I want NOW?" In our Tantric Sex Assess, we'll pinpoint the answers you so you can get moving without delay, without false starts, and without wrong turns.

We offer the Tantric Sex Assess Interview to guide you and get you moving quickly. Don't just sit around surfing the net and reading all the dark secrets in Tantra books. Take some action!

At its foundation, Tantra is practice. Thinking about it won't change your life much. You've got to know what's right for you in this moment. You've got to use the right tools. You've got to incorporate the right exercises into your love life. Above all, you've got to take action.

Act now and tomorrow your sexuality could be completely transformed.

STEPS: How Does It Work?

In our Tantric Sex Assess, we'll ask you a few simple questions about your personal relationship, physical condition, and sexual satisfaction. We'll focus on what you want to change about your romantic encounters and your sex life. We'll pinpoint the challenges you're experiencing and help you identify what's blocking your progress. We'll explore questions like...

  • Is your sex life as fulfilling as you've always dreamed?
  • Is your relationship as close and intimate as your hearts yearn for?
  • Are your orgasms as earth-shattering, mind-blowing, and boundary-dissolving as you'd like?

We do all of this is a completely confidential and professional manner by telephone.

As we listen to your situation, we'll give you some insights that would probably never occur to you. We'll offer some proven advice about the direction you should take. We'll explore all possible options with you so you can decide what's the best course of action for you.

BENEFITS: What Do You Get?

In this professional dialogue, we'll help you...

  • Understand how far you are along the path towards experiencing ecstatic sexual communion and non-stop full-body Tantric Orgasms,
  • Decide most beneficial and economical training, coaching, and study actions for you personally, and
  • Make a plan to integrate Tantric and Kama Sutra practices into your love life.

We'll suggest...

  • What you can do to improve your situation,
  • Books, seminars, workshops, hands-on coaching, and the most beneficial training for your unique situation, and
  • Some powerfully fulfilling home-play assignments you can practice in the privacy of your own bed. (When it's right, Tantra is fun play, not hard work.)


  • Design a personalized Tantric training program for you so you can learn to run energy as rapidly as possible,
  • Offer ways we can assist you in transforming your intimate relationships, and
  • Let you know how long it will take, what to expect, and what it will cost.

PHILOSOPHY: What's Important To Us?

Your pleasure and joy are our top priorities.

Bliss is your birthright and ecstatic sex is natural for you.

We believe that the inhibitions you want to shed are inherited and imposed from the outside.

We suspect that social conditioning and religious imprinting has prevented you from discovering your sexual truth.

It's not our job to tell you who to love and with what sexual lifestyle. It's our job to help you release the old, experiment with options, and choose the new sexual you consciously.

We aim to help you release the programming that doesn't serve you so you can create your true sexual identity.

We want you to learn to open the channels of your ecstatic life forces so orgasmic energy can flow through you.

We're passionately waiting to show you how to unleash your inner forces of love and spirit.

We can teach you to release your dormant desires, rekindle the embers of your smoldering fires, and open to your exuberant spiritual essence.

We do this by showing you how to charge your sexual energy, expand your heart space, and weave the two together for astounding sexual ecstasy.

It's a journey we believe your divine body was designed for. It's a journey that can catapult you life onto an endless cloud of rapture. It's a journey we don't want you to miss.

REGISTER: What Do I Have To Do To Sign-Up?

Sign-up right now for your Tantric Sex Assess. There are no prerequisites or preparations. What are you waiting for? There will never be a better time to figure out how to dramatically revolutionize your sex life.

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