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  • have exquisite pleasure every time you make love?
  • learn tips and advice to make sex hotter?
  • have bigger, better, stronger orgasms?
  • transform lovemaking into a deep spiritual connection?

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This is adult sex education with a Tantric flair.

In this explicit adult online forum we openly share our erotic encounters. We offer answers to your burning sexual questions. We post our experiences and dilemmas and invite you to do the same.

This isn't porno. It's an informational interactive discussion board. With some tasteful pictures, to be sure. Our aim is to help everyone - straight, gay, kinky, lesbian, and more - find out what works and what doesn't in the bedroom.

Unfortunately, most of our society is pretty strait-laced about discussing our sex lives. Yes, at first talking about it can be uncomfortable. But keeping silent can affect your sexual pleasure and your orgasms, keep you from learning all the juicy things your body can do, and severely limit how much pleasure you can give your partner(s). Staying quiet about sex perpetuates ignorance and many commonly believed myths that just aren't true. It can even affect your health and lead to unwanted pregnancies.

We welcome your shares about anything that's on your mind whether you think it's too simple or too "out there." No judgments about right and wrong are allowed.

Our plan is to be as candid as we can about the pleasure we give ourselves and each other. Basically, anything that you genuinely want to share or want to know is OK. You can post straight and LGBTQ stories and issues, vanilla or kinky, or anything else that floats your cork. And please don't leave out your dreams and fantasies.

Research has shown that people who are real, honest, and straightforward about making love get more excited, have better orgasms, and become way better lovers. You may not be used to being so upfront about your desires, turn-ons, and sex acts, but once you get used to it, it will be more fun and much healthier for you and your lover(s).

So this discussion board is our effort to help all kinds of people be more open about sex. Plus, you can be anonymous in our online blog, right? (Except for us, Somraj and Jeffre, because we're real.)

We dream about a place where all kinds of sex with mutual consent are fun and celebrated. Will you help us make that a reality by joining in? Anonymous readers are welcome as well as anyone who wants to post their sexual questions and adventures.

How To Read Our Blog

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2. Our main blog page will appear with latest posts. Read them and hit Comment to respond to any post. If you're the first, the link will say Leave A Comment. If others have commented already, click on the word Comments after the number.

3. To post your question or story, hit the + New button on the black menu bar at the top. From the little pull-down menu that appears, select Post (or Media if you want to upload an image, say your picture).

4. The Add New Post window appears, enter a title and your text in the empty white box below. You can use any of the formatting tools if you want or not.

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