The better sex education attitude of Tantric sex is founded on the belief that sex is a divine gift that you deserve. Viewing better sex as a gift of the gods is essential but only the beginning. The only attitude that stimulates better sex and better sex education is that you're worthy, that sexual ecstasy is your birthright as a human being, that sex education is holy.

Better sex education only evolves when you accept that nothing is more important than you feeling good, and that you are responsible for your own pleasure.

It's wonderful to want to give your beloved great satisfaction. Better sex education can help with that, of course. But when you focus on the other, not your own excitement, you deprive them of what you want to learn through better sex education - your uninhibited passion.

Tantra's better sex education attitude begins with honoring your own pleasure. Then you can use better sex education to extend the good feelings to creating peak pleasure, sharing maximum pleasure, and exchanging ecstatic pleasure. Which is why Tantra's better sex education attitude is centered around the pursuit of pleasure.

Few of us enter the sexual arena when we come of age with this kind of liberated better sex education attitude. This better sex education attitude only grows through consciousness, by each of us welcoming better sex education and carefully being aware of our desires, blockages, and beliefs.

When we recognize our deep wantings and our reaction to them, we're exercising our consciousness. When we notice how we balk, resist, or fear sex, we study our feelings. When we feel guilt, shame, or embarrassment, we simply watch what's going on inside. Better sex education can help.

Only then does personal change occur. Our inner world shifts as a result of consciousness. As our intrinsic nature unfolds more and more, we can celebrate discovering who we really are. In a nutshell, that's the spiritual process of Tantric Sex through better sex education and personal transformation simultaneously.

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