Good sex is easy to enjoy regularly. To achieve your good sex potential, you just need some of the concepts, techniques, and tools we discuss in our Better Sex Guided Tour.

First, you have to understand that good sex isn't limited to the narrow cultural definitions we hold about what makes good sex.

There are lots of definitions of good sex, but we think to achieve your good sex potential, you need to define good sex yourself.

Good sex isn't dependent on the perfect place, the perfect mood, or the perfect body. Good sex doesn't require the hardest erection or the wettest yoni.

All these good sex enhancers are great and wonderful if you conjure them up. But good sex doesn't depend on anything outside yourself.

To achieve your good sex potential and enjoy good sex whenever you choose, all you need is consciousness, willingness, and desire.

Well, OK, some workable information about how to discover your own brand of good sex is essential. Which is why we write our free semi-monthly newsletter "Sacred Sexual Secrets" which you can get by clicking here. And why we offer you a bunch of free good sex guided tours which you can start from here. And why we write our growing series of Tantric Sex ebooks which you can discover by clicking here. All contain lots of advice about good sex.

Buy Tantra, Tantric Sex, Kama Sutra TeleSeminarsA great way to explore and invent your own brand of good sex is with our short mini-trainings in Tantric Sex. We call them TeleSeminars since we most often do them by telephone privately. We focus on one aspect of good sex at a time and go into depth, answering your questions and giving you practical exercises to experiment with. For more details and the complete list of good sex topics, click here.

Another great way of developing your good sex potential is by watching. Our next page about Better Sex Videos is a great place to start.



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