Erotic Clothing

Why is that putting on something suggestive encourages the animal in us all to take it off? Maybe that's why some of the favorites in the Clothing section of our store include leopard skin, tiger skin, and snake-print designs. We also have something for every taste in velvet, latex, and leather.

For over 100 sexy things to wear, select "Clothing" from our toys section or simply click here. For even more options, enter "lingerie" in the search box.

If your tastes run toward body painting, let us suggest 12 different ways to make up all parts of your flesh here. Warning: you might need to use your fingers and lick everything before you're done.

Sexy Wear

If you're titillated by the prospect of pushing the envelop a little further, why not wear things that exude sex? Put on some outrageous risqué things underneath, or even on top. How about some sequined body tassels? Ever worn crotchless underwear when you're out and about? We're talking to you guys, too, here.

What is it about fishnet and mesh that's so sexy? Maybe, showing just enough to suggest the joys hiding underneath.

And let's not forget our wide assortment of hot pants, thongs, garters, babydolls, bustiers, and G-strings. Whoa, we're getting worked up just thinking about what's already in our closet.

Simply click on Toys in our store and select "Bodywear & Latex" from the category pull-down menu. Or click here.


As you browse through the over 200 titillating items in the "Bodywear & Latex" category, you'll find lots of things you can wear as a holiday or private-party costume.

A great start is our leather and lycra hoods, the Padded Jungle Love Mask, or the Zebra Mystique Cat Mask. Your friends will never know it's you when you cover your face, right? How will your beloved react when you reveal you're wearing a Leather & Chains Garter?

Then you'll find Fifi The French Maid, the Bad Girl Starter Kit, or the ever-enticing Tigress Set. Be sure to explore the many options of Ecstasy Lingerie including the Sensual Lingerie Collection.

Maybe our favorite is Sinistress, the Snake-Print Femme Fatale. With such a large assortment, you're bound to find several new "yous."

You know, Tantra is an all-senses affair. Oral sex comes later, but the next page is about tasting better sex.



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