Put On Your Finest & Sexiest

Costume parties -- even your own private one -- are a great opportunity to play different roles. Why not push the edge and wear a risqué get-up? Show a little more skin than you're used to, act a little more flirty than comes naturally, let down your inhibitions just temporarily. You just might be surprised that there's a lusty temptress or macho hunk lurking inside.

And watch out, sweetie, when we get home.

If you're not the party type, create your own event at home. Maybe you saw the Bud Light TV commercial where the guy comes home with a six-pack dressed in a French maid's outfit. Very titillating. Hopefully, you'll do a better job planning in advance than they did. The bad news was that she was dressed the same way. You know how women are about others wearing the same skimpy dress.

A Zillion Sex Ideas For Better Sex

Coming home in a costume is only one of a zillion ideas. Be inventive. Play a sex game. Decorate your bedroom like a harem. Feed each other finger foods. Lick dessert off your honey's naked skin. Indulge your fantasies. Give your sweetie an outrageous G-string. Wrap up a colorful dildo or vibrator as a present, blindfold your lover after opening it, and then use it on him or her.

Some of these out-of-the-ordinary scenarios create a great setting for first dates, an outlet for that flood of lust in a newly committed relationship, or the spark to re-ignite the old flames in a long-term marriage.

Whether public or private, any of these is a great way to pump up both your sexual energy, and, if necessary, safely bump into your inhibitions so you can decide which ones you want to let go. Besides, come Monday you can always say you were just spoofing. In the meantime, you can use the occasion to get super turned on as you better define your sexual identity.

Helpful types that we are, we're not just making idle suggestions here. To help you get your juices flowing, we'll give you links to all sorts of great costumes, toys, and games at our Adult Products Store here.

Does a spiritual practice like Tantra really advocate playing sex games? Click continue to find out.



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