The best better sex advice we can give you is: practice, practice, practice. For some strange reason, even with the best better sex advice imaginable, we all tend to forget how good it can be unless we stay sexually active and put better sex advice into action.

Here's some powerful better sex advice: sexual play bears some resemblance to exercise programs. Your sexual muscles need to be worked regularly. Like any exercise program, you need to build tone, get fit, and move those muscles regularly for maximum function.

Buy Favorite Sex Toys For Better SexThat's partly why our better sex advice includes a strong suggestion that women get their own KegelMaster in the previous page. This better sex advice extends to the other sex, also. Men also benefit from regular exercise of their sexual muscles.

For both genders, better sex advice must include methods to squeeze and release the muscles at the floor of your pelvis multiple times per day. The result of acting on such good better sex advice is more desire, more excitement, more response, and more orgasms. Any better sex advice you read will explain how stronger sexual muscles yields stronger orgasms.

You don't need a better sex advice tour to remind you of the well-known truth: use it or lose it. That doesn't mean your jewels (Tantric for genitals) will necessarily fall off if you don't practice sex. Rather, this better sex advice points out that you'll lose interest, lose attraction, and lose your hard-won skills if you don't make love regularly.

Maybe the top of our list of better sex advice is about the central force in Tantric practice: pleasure. If you don't practice our better sex advice, you'll lose your capacity to create, absorb, and enjoy pleasure. With a Tantric attitude that includes feeling you deserve to feel good and knowing that sex is a divine gift, you have the potential to enjoy your body.

But it's like any other skill or better sex advice, you lose the ability to appreciate pleasure if you don't practice.

Are you using our better sex advice to achieve your better sex potential? Click continue to find out.



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