How To Use Sacred Sexuality For Ecstatic Pleasure, Tantric Orgasm, & Personal Transformation


Interested in learning Tantra, the ancient Eastern art of sacred sexuality?

Good for you! It's changed our lives so wonderfully and dramatically that we wish this kind of fun and growth on everyone.

Believe Us, You Want To Learn Tantric Sex

Learning to embrace sacred sex is the subject of our new mini-ebook, Tantric Sex Life. In 18 lavishly-illustrated to-the-point sections, we've collected the essence of how you can use Tantric secrets to transform your sex life, relationship intimacy, and personal consciousness.

Why would you want to?

  • To have more ecstasy than you ever dreamed possible.
  • To connect more deeply at a heart level with your beloved.
  • To have cosmic mind-altering long-lasting orgasms.
  • To enjoy life to its fullest in every moment.
  • To heighten your passion and flood your relationship with love.
  • To find out who you really are.

Now isn't the most convincing list of benefits you've ever seen? How could anyone not want to give a chance to a 7000-year-old spiritual practice that promises such pleasure and expansion?

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What Is Tantra All About, Really?

What is Tantra all about? Is it a religion? A new age fad? A path to anarchy or total freedom? A sexual cult?

To answer these questions, and many more, Tantric Sex Life gives you a powerful introduction to what Tantra is and what it isn't...

  • Not a religion, but a personal approach to life.
  • Not a strict moral code, but a way to better define your own values.
  • Not a license for totally open sexuality, but a practice method like Yoga that helps you get everything out of sex you've ever wanted.

If you have any interest learning Tantra, reading Tantric Sex Life is your best place to start.

So What's In Tantric Sex Life?

It explains...

  • What is Tantra.
  • How Tantric LovePlay is different from average sex.
  • What is sexual energy.
  • How to reconcile body, mind, and spirit.
  • What is Tantric Orgasm.
  • How to harness pleasure for personal transformation.

In addition to more than a dozen graphic Tantric images, here are some actual excerpts from the 18 sections in Tantric Sex Life...

Section 1: What Is Tantra?
"Tantra is about living life to its fullest."
Section 2: The Ancient 64 Arts
"Tantrikas deliberately induce altered states of ecstasy to create a mystical experience of transcendental oneness with the universe.
Section 3: Wake Up And Smell The Roses
"Tantra teaches us to exist in this moment and become dedicated to enjoying the physical fully by reveling in eating, drinking, massaging, dancing, and making love."
Section 4: Loving Your Natural Self
"Tantra says YES! to life. It accepts everything and forbids nothing."
Section 5: Just Accept It, Baby
"Tantra wasn't designed as therapy for our sexual hang-ups and limitations, it just sometimes turns out that way."
Section 6: The Body Temple
"In contrast to other religions that view the pleasures of the flesh as degraded or evil, Tantra recognizes that our physical forms are a divine gift."
Section 7: Put Pleasure First
"Tantra is the true art of living in which pleasure now becomes the central theme in each moment."
Section 8: The Art And Science Of Sex
"In Tantra, sex is an art and a science. We explore it fully and comprehensively, immersing ourselves fully just like we do with every other part of life."
Section 9: Communication As A Spiritual Tool
"Tantric Sex uses the same body parts and physical actions, but unfolds much differently than the average quickie hurtling downhill to explosive release."
Section 10: Energy Is Life Force
"Tantric Sex is about mastering energy, the vitality of life."
Section 11: Sacred Sex
"Tantra is often referred to as sacred sexuality. Tantrikas make love on multiple levels: sex, heart, and spirit."
Section 12: Ecstasy Is Tantric Orgasm
"A typical non-Tantric orgasm is more like a little sneeze than fireworks moving heaven and earth. Through Tantric practice, orgasm becomes a sacred energy event, separate from energy release and physical ejaculation."
Section 13: Sex As Meditation
"Tantrikas cultivate the ecstatic response, flooding the entire body with pulsing orgasmic contractions and continuous wavelike vibrations."
Section 14: The Fast Track To Enlightenment
"We transform ourselves, our sexuality, our life, our relationship."
Section 15: So What Is Tantric Practice?
"Once we learn the fundamentals, sex becomes meditation and Tantric lovemaking becomes transformative."
Section 16: Tantric LovePlay
"Tantric LovePlay is more like sensuously sipping an expensive Cabernet than chugging a six-pack of brew."
Section 17: Orgasmic Breathing & Moving Sexual Energy
"How do you reach such mind-boggling heights? Simple, by generating and channeling orgasmic energy."
Chapter 18: Transformative Powers
"When your whole body is vibrating with these waves, you enter the still, empty, timeless void and want to stay there indefinitely."

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