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    What guarantee do you offer on your ebooks & ecourses?100% Sastisfaction Money-Back Guarantee
    Your purchase of our ebooks & ecourses is backed by our 100% Ironclad 100-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee. Wow, that's a mouthful!
    What it means is that we guarantee that you'll be so satisfied that you'll feel you received more than full value for your purchase. Either you'll be totally delighted with what our ebooks & ecourses offer, or we'll give you all your money back as soon as we can.
    If you're not convinced that what's taught in our ebooks & ecourses works for you, just email with your order number for a FULL REFUND! And with no hassle. You won't have to answer any questions to get your credit. Just a sincere "thank you" for giving Tantric Sex a try. This is more than a guarantee, this is our personal promise.
    What's more, you get to keep the FREE bonuses. And since our ebooks & ecourses are an electronic download, there's no point in asking you to send them back.
    Do you wonder why we'll trust you to keep everything after returning your money? It's because we're absolutely sure your sex life will improve if you read and follow our simple instructions. That's how confident we are in this sex education program. 
    We want everyone to have hours of incredible sexual ecstasy like we do now. So we're offering to trust that you'll do the right thing in exchange for trusting our words and promises.
    What format is your ebook in?
    Our ebooks & ecourses are NOT in print. They're only electronic books. After purchase, you automatically download them from our secure server in PDF format. This is Adobe's universal cross-platform "portable document format." You need their free utility to view and/or print it. You can get it by clicking HERE and following the Step 1, 2 and 3 instructions to install this free utility on your computer. If you have a problem with this, we can email you your ebook if your email account can handle it.
    What purchase name will appear on my credit card bill?
    When you buy one of our ebooks & ecourses with your credit card via our secure server, your bill will simply say "Tantra At Tahoe," nothing more. If you're concerned about confidentiality, see our privacy policy. If you're not convinced, there are other ways to send your money by clicking here.
    I'm skeptical of your wild claims. How can you convince me to believe you?
    We can't blame you for being skeptical. When you've felt powerless for so long about your sex life, even proven claims and documented testimonials are hard to swallow. All we can say is we've been there and overcame it. Have you seen the stories from others, too? In the end, maybe we can't convince you, only YOU can convince yourself to give it a try. That's why we give a money-back guarantee.
    I'm not sure I want to risk my hard earned money from just reading your web page.
    Then call us or email us. Click here for our contact information at the bottom of the page. And while we're on the subject of money, what would you spend to get laid on a dinner and movie date? Lots more we bet. Did you get a money back guarantee from any new lover you've dated when you didn't score? If you see a sex therapist or doctor specializing in male sexual disorders, what do you think it will cost you? Ten years ago a visit to a sex therapist cost Somraj $200. Last year a visit to a urologist cost him $400.
    Is your ebook really worth it?
    No, it's probably worth more like $450. They all cover multiple topics of 6 books and 6 email courses. If you think that's a lot of money, consider a dinner date with a potential sex partner. Consider a movie for two. Besides, there's an unlimited money-back guarantee. Don't think about losing a few bucks, think about losing all your fears, frustrations, and self-doubt.
    What you're promising seems like magic. How does it work?
    No one that we know of has combined the power of ancient techniques with modern medical science. Thousands of years ago they didn't have any high-tech tools. So they discovered hidden powers in the mind and body that have been long forgotten until now. We've combined that with recent discoveries in sexuality research and the experience of real lovers like you and us. The result: a holistic formula that gets to the root of your problem quickly. With powerful techniques you can use to change your orgasmic response easily.
    How do I know I can trust you?
    Yes, we're trying to convince you to trust us. To do that, we're being completely open here about our experience. What do your instincts tell you? We hope your intuition and your gut says these people have got to be telling the truth. We are. Please believe us. Why else would we give you a money-back guarantee? Heck, our names, address, phones, and emails are easily available to everyone. Email or even call us to decide.
    I'm not sure it will work for me.
    If you're normal, it will. We'll show you step by step how to change your sex life permanently just the way thousands of others, including us, have. With our money-back guarantee, what do you have to lose? The exercises from the world of sex research alone are documented to work for anyone who's tried them seriously. (OK, if you don't do the exercises your chances of success will be less.) Unless you have a medical problem, we're confident you can benefit from our ebook. If you think training won't help you, see a doctor.
    Will the advice in your ebook apply to me?
    Yes, because it covers all possibilities. You could hire us to coach you personally, as many clients do. But our rate for people off the street is $100 per hour. (By the way, one of the FREE benefits to our ebook buyers is a whopping 75% discount on our introductory consultation.)
    Wouldn't it be wiser to consult a medical doctor or sex therapist?
    It's not a bad idea to see a doctor if you think you've got a medical condition that's interfering with your sex life. But beware, the few knowledgable sex clinics and enlightened therapists out there who know about female sexuality charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars to guide you through the exercises we've gathered for you. Just some of the information in our ebook is the same information they will slowly release to you after you sign the contract. It's a rare health professional who'll even consider sharing ancient techniques from Tantra and the Kama Sutra.
    I'm not interested in joining some cult or religion. Do I have to convert to Tantra to learn Tantric Sex?
    No, not at all. Tantra isn't really a religion anyway. It doesn't have any holy book, commandments, or rules. It's simply a 7000-year-old way of life from the East that shows you how to relax inside, accept the way you are, and learn to enjoy life.
    How do you know I'll be able to do the exercises?
    Can you squeeze your pelvic muscles to squeeze the last few drops of pee out? Can you breathe deep into your belly? Can you isolate places in your body good feelings develop? Can you rub your body lightly and firmly? Can you count to 10? If you answered yes to these questions, we guarantee you can make our exercises work for you. Wait, you don't always need to count to 10.
    I'm not good at remembering to do exercises. Why do you think I'll have the discipline to follow through?
    Because you really want to change this part of your life permanently, don't you? Because you'll start to feel differently about sex so quickly. And because our exercises feel so damn good that you'll want to rush home from work to practice. One of the free bonuses we offer is email reminders. Since we don't send unsolicited email to anyone, you'll have to remember to register for this free service after your purchase. But the instructions are real clear.
    How long will it take for your program to work?
    Some readers have reported immediate results after reading a couple chapters. For most people, it takes some weeks of practice to shift the energy patterns of a lifetime. How many weeks depends on how often you practice, how quickly you absorb the skills, and how deep your old programming is.
    I'm not very computer savvy. How complicated is it to get your ebook?
    If you can enter your name and address and payment information, a screen will appear with a big yellow button that says "Download Now." How's that for simple? You'll get a detailed email about how to open it. And if you can't follow these simple instructions, just let us know and we'll email it to you.
    Are there any hidden costs?
    No. No shipping, no handling, no surcharges, no add-ons. Well, there is sales tax if you live in California. As law-abiding merchants, that's out of our control. So you lucky folks get to pay another 7.875% to the state. Otherwise the Terminator may be all over your case, and ours.
    I don't want anyone else to know about this purchase. How will you protect my privacy?
    YOUR PRIVACY IS GUARANTEED. We never release your information to anyone, ever! Look, confidentiality is a delicate area for all of us, especially when our sex lives are involved. We wouldn't be in business 5 minutes if we revealed our readers' personal laundry in public. We never have and we never will. We are trained professionals with ironclad professional ethics. We don't even share the details of cases we handle separately with each other. We never reveal, rent, or sell names, addresses, emails, phone or credit card numbers. We'll never tell anyone about your participation without your written permission.
    I'm worried about my credit card number being stolen. How do you protect me?
    Your credit card number never appears and is never recorded at our site. Your transaction takes place via a secure server with state-of-the-art encryption technology. What that means is that no one can siphon off your private information or spy on your transactions. Everything is kept safe, secure, and private. Experts tell us that buying via our secure server is much safer than driving home from work.
    I don't want any spam. If I buy your ebook, will you be sending me lots of email?
    We'll send you a few messages with instructions, tips, and bonuses but only if you want it. You'll have the option after your purchase of registering for FREE email support, suggestions, and bonuses. So you can decline from the start or anytime you choose.
    How is your ebook any better than the other ones I find at local bookstores or
    Believe us, we've seen them all. Ours is the best. More thorough, easier to understand, better directions, written by real sexual people (us) for a real people (you). We wrote our story because we couldn't find all the answers in one place in simple language. Personally, doctors using big words turns us off. Authors who won't tell you of their own similar problems like we do just don't cut it with us. We've gathered the complete story for you so why look elsewhere.
    P.S. If you find some workable technique elsewhere that's not in our ebook, email us right away. That's the beauty of an ebook, we can include new developments in a flash. We just haven't seen any recently.
    What if I decide later that your program is a bunch of crap?
    We could try to convince you again that it isn't, that thousands of satisfied readers can't be wrong. But we won't. We'll just give you your money back with no hassles.
    Can I believe what you're telling me?
    Absolutely! Besides, you have nothing to lose! Have you seen our 100% 100-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee? Click here for the details.

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