Tantra has a lot to do with Tantric Sex.

She lay there writhing, conscious only of the stream of ecstasy coursing through her body and the waves of orgasms forcing her to scream, again and again. She felt as one with the universe, totally still inside and a raving lunatic on the outside. Each orgasm opened her deeper, wider to the orgasmic energy of the universe. Each orgasm brought with it an abundant flow of amrita (female ejaculate), showering his face with the liquid of divine Goddess, the cosmic female.

He lay on his back with a tremendous hard-on, his body convulsing with energy waves he couldn't and didn't want to stop. Her mouth was on his Jade Stalk, slowly tantalizing his energy to higher and higher heights. He felt the orgasmic energy in his belly, his heart, his head and his fingertips. He was the orgasmic energy. A part of him knew he could ejaculate if he wanted to, or not. Because of the exquisite nature of his ecstasy he chose not to cum. He wanted the feelings to continue endlessly.

We don't know about how you feel reading this, but writing it made us very juicy and full of desire. Which is probably as good a start as any defining what Tantric Sex is: savoring anything that turns you on fully, completely, and forever.

Have you ever....

  • Wanted sexual stimulation to go on forever?
  • Felt there could never be too much pleasure?
  • Experienced every touch, every stroke as an orgasm?
  • Wanted more and more sex to create orgasm after orgasm?
  • Experienced yourself as THE orgasm?
  • Felt you were riding an endless wave of orgasmic Kundalini energy that was so much bigger than you?

If you answer yes to any of those questions, we bet you already know what Tantric Sex is. Would it be fair to say it's not the norm, not the average sexual encounter? In our high-stress modern world, quickies are the norm. You know about quickies, right? That's normal sex that follows the classic attraction-arousal-explosion-sleep pattern.

Wouldn't you rather...

  • Float rapturously on a cloud of continuous orgasm?
  • Merge so totally with your beloved that you lose any sense of identity, of separation, of time?
  • Ride the torrential flood of peak pleasure higher and higher?
  • Lava lamp from position to position, hands to mouth to genitals, and back again in a seamless dance?

That's Tantric Sex, friend.

Chances are you've experienced Ecstatic Tantric Sex at least once. We bet you wondered how in the world you could experience this kind of ecstasy again and again anytime you wanted. The ancient art and science of Tantra can teach you just that, step by step.

The secret of this kind of ecstasy revolves around cultivating and extending the vital forces let loose during explosive orgasm. Only with two aware, flowing, responsive lovers who know how to relax and open their inner channels does the possibility of synchronizing these primal energies occur. Though its not enough by itself, mastery of sexual skills and techniques then help each vary strokes, modify speed, and adjust pressure in response to clear-cut cues.

When you can seamlessly dance with each other soaring to higher peaks as if you were one, then you'll truly understand why the ancients called Tantric Sex a spiritual practice.

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