Tantra uses the natural energies of life to help you fuel personal growth and find your deeper higher self.

Everything in the universe is an expression of life force energy. We're talking about the heat, electricity, magnetism, and vibration in all living things. We're talking about the sensations in your body like heat or cold, stress or comfort, pleasure or pain.

At its source, energy is often subtler than many of these. It's a higher finer frequency like sounds that only dogs can hear. But you can learn to tune in to them.

Tantric exercises help you get in touch with your inner energies, open your channels, magnify these innate forces to strengthen, enliven, and empower. Through Tantra, we learn to transmute, create, harness and channel that energy. We use this Tantra Energy for cleansing, healing and transformation.

The tradition of teaches us to focus universal personal energy to return to our native state so we feel bliss in everything we do. When you learn to contact, cultivate, and harness life force energy, you can feel it pulsing through your every cell making you vibrate with ecstasy all over. Though it starts as physical sensation, you can direct this power as the driver for raising consciousness.

Because at its foundation Tantra is about life force energy, Tantra Practice always begins with awareness of self as our Tantra Solo page explains. Once you begin to sense and utilize Tantra Energy practices, then you can discover the power of connecting it through Tantra Love with your family, friends, beloved.

In practical terms, Tantra Practice becomes a series of holistic exercises to connect on multiple channels with your beloved, each partner coming from an authentic, honest, deeply self-aware place.

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Tantra Practice transforms life using ecstatic sexual energy, and this is why Tantra is often called the path of love. It leads to complete connection with yourself, your beloved, and the powers of the universe. Tantra Love is a playful, heartfelt, deeply conscious path to enlightenment.

The next page, Tantra Kundalini, explains the role of sexual energy is this joyous growth process.

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