Tantra is the path of using pleasure and ecstasy as the fulcrum around which you live your life. The bedrock of Tantra Practice is to learn to reside in your native state of spiritual ecstasy by increasing your ability to welcome, create, and feel pleasure.

Not only is pleasure a powerful way to create blissful states, but it's a demanding taskmaster that pushes your personal growth towards generating a native state of feeling good. You are urged, and sometimes shoved, into diving deeply into the passions of life. When you choose to travel this path, you're confronted with all sorts of basic decisions about who you are and where you want to go.

It may sound easy to place sexual pleasure at the core of your life. But think about it for a moment. It's actually very challenging to make space in a busy life. What about...

  • Work?
  • Exercise?
  • Education?
  • Children?
  • Family?
  • Friends?
  • Pets?
  • Sports?
  • Hobbies?

See what we mean? How will you put pleasure first with all these conflicting demands?

Tantra can change your life as well as your sex life if you put it into action. But it's real clear that Tantra forces you to look at yourself. We know this well because we often have to make major lifestyle changes as we look deeply into our selves as a result of practicing Tantra.

Pleasure is a spiritual discipline, as demanding a pursuit as being a yogi, a vegetarian, or a Zen master.

Pleasure demands practice. Yep, it's great fun, but often a challenge to "fit it in." The demands of life are already a demanding taskmaster. You, the divine Tantrika, must decide...

  • What do you really enjoy and really want in life?
  • How much joy can you tolerate?
  • How much lovemaking can your life handle?
  • What are you going to give up?

Not the path for the feint of heart, but a holistic path for those seeking integration and more joy and playfulness in their lives.

The more you center your existence around pleasure, the more Tantric your life. The more Tantric your life, the less stress, the better the sex, the more vibrant your health, the more creativity you'll enjoy and the deeper the intimacy you'll create with your beloved.

What's the role of spirit in Tantra and Tantric Sex? Continue on to discover.


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