Tantra is humanness personified.

One of the fundamental precepts of our religious heritage is that to be human is to be flawed. We are supposed to strive to overcome our humanness so that we may be reunited with the sacred Source. Hence the definition of sin and redemption.

Tantra sees things very differently.

We do not believe that you can draw a clear line between body, mind, and spirit. We believe they are one. The path to personal and spiritual growth begins by accepting and loving all of who you are, not by trying to cut off a part or parts of yourself.

Tantra views all as a reflection of the divine. Everything and everyone is an aspect of Source energy. How could it be otherwise? Who or what created everything?

Supreme Bliss Tantra begins with the premise that loving and revering your self is essential and appropriate because you are human and being human is being godly. We have been created in the image of the divine.

Source gave us bodies and the ability to feel intense pleasure. Why would that be the case if we were not to enjoy these bodies?

Loving yourself is the same as loving the Source of the Universe. This means loving all of who you are. This means loving your sex. This means loving your shadow side. In psychology, we have long known that looking at all aspects of yourself and loving where you are is the pivotal step in changing anything about yourself.

There are many paths to the god-force. Tantra believes that the fastest way to enlightenment, feeling connected to the One, is jumping in with both feet to this thing we call human life. Those who try to cut off parts of themselves may get there also, but there is a lot of struggling, pain and self denial.

We say, feel pleasure, love yourself, have fun while you are learning the ways to further your spiritual and personal growth.

Doesn't that sound a lot better than sacrificing and cutting yourself off from parts of yourself?

The love of the universe is reflected in you. As you learn to love all of who you are, you'll find yourself appreciating your human body more and more. As you love and accept your body and all aspects of your humanness, you'll find that your ability to feel extraordinary heights of pleasure will increase dramatically.

Tantra welcomes and includes all parts of life, for example opening the heart and communing with the mind, before pleasuring the body and unleashing the spirit. By the weaving the fundamentals of life -- heart, mind, and spirit -- with sex , amazing transformations occur. And incredible states of Tantra Ecstasy are achievable regularly when sex becomes meditation.

Supreme Bliss Tantra wants you to revel in the joy of existence. It's yours for the taking.

To love yourself and dive into your sexuality, being sex-positive is necessary. Click continue to learn more.

Learn Supreme Bliss Tantra to improve your sex life

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