Tantra Love says something different than we find in the world.

Or American society is obsessed with love: finding it, keeping it, and recovering after losing it. Poets write about it and songwriters don't seem to know about much else. Love seems to be where it's at.

But why is love so elusive in our society? In essence, it's because we each don't believe that we deserve to be loved. We believe we have been separated from the god force. You recognize the garden of Eden stuff?

Therefore we have to be good to be loved. But trying as hard as we might, it never seems to be enough. We still don't feel loved and accepted. We often believe we have to be loved first and then we can love ourselves. We always feel incomplete.

What if we said that is a bunch of falsehoods?

We believe in Supreme Bliss Tantra that you are the essence of love. That loving yourself is the foundation for loving another, loving the people on the planet, loving the universe and loving the source of all.

You are a god, a Goddess, an aspect of the divine, a spark of creation, an alive element of who, what this universe is all about. You are a supreme spirit, manifest in the physical plane and so is your neighbor, your enemy, your dog, the trees in your yard, the ants on your back porch and the stars in the sky.

Tantra Practice is all about experiencing that divine love through loving yourself, your partner and the entire cosmos more fully.

Supreme Bliss Tantra can show you new ways to express and receive love. We have meditations and practices which help open your heart chakra, which starts with self-love. We can show you new and profound ways to connect sex, love, intimacy, and the god force.

We believe deeply in the divinity of the gift of sex and sexual pleasure. You can't separate sex from who you are, a child of god, a child of the universe. When you separate an inseparable part of yourself and make it less than, you denigrate your entire self.

When you love yourself fully, as an expression of the divine, then you can love another unconditionally because you see in them the divine reflection of yourself, a divine reflection of all that is.

We are all connected. We are all one.

No matter what the question, love is the answer. This may sound farfetched, but it's true. The more you love yourself, the more you love everything else. The more you love everything, the more you love yourself.

In his popular series of books, Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsch quotes God many times when confronted by challenges and questions. The answer always is "What would love do?" It's a good mantra to live with.

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Whether you are a couple or want to be, find out more about how Tantra works in partnership by clicking continue.

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