Tantra Learning: Is It For You?

We offer a number of Tantra Learning methods. This section of our What Is Supreme Bliss Tantra Online Guided Tour are designed to help you decide what's best for you. Start by asking yourself...

  • How do you use sexual Kundalini energy to transform yourself and your life?
  • How do make your sex life and orgasms increasingly ecstatic?
  • How do you deepen the intimacy in your love relationship?
  • How do you reach the wonderful state where sex becomes meditation?

Or, in short, what are your options for moving forward with Tantra?

Tantra isn't as much about thinking and talking as it is about doing. So we first offer three overriding suggestions...

  • Practice,
  • Practice,
  • Practice.

Everyone is different. You're different. You have special needs and desires.

Maybe you just need a little of the right kind of Tantric exercise. Maybe you just need the right situation to master erotic skills with Tantric lovemaking. Maybe you just need a little sage advice about the secrets of sexual anatomy.

Our elders didn't teach us the practical truths about sex, let alone spiritual sexuality. So we've resolved to do something about this situation. Tantra At Tahoe can show you how to enjoy life fully the way it's meant to be in every blissful encounter. Tantra Heaven is now if you choose it.

We can help you naturally, like we've helped so many others, without force, drugs, or extreme measures.

Whatever your story, we can gently guide you to relax, breath, speak, and move in new ways, ultimately freeing your orgasmic flows. We help you clear your mind, stimulate your Tantra Kundalini, focus your flows, and unravel relationship issues. Through reading, discussion, attitude adjustment, homeplay exercises, and physical practices, we can help you to change your sex life quickly and inexpensively. And your life permanently. So what are you waiting for?

Pleasure is a spiritual discipline. You need to make time shift your mindset, build your muscles, and develop your skills. We're here to help you discover what you need to practice. The recommendations that follow summarize our conclusions about what works best in various situations.

What You Need To Do

If you're interested in changing your life using Supreme Bliss Tantra and sacred sexuality, here's a global summary of the parts of yourself that you'll want to eventually develop.

Through individual practice, you'll want to...

  • Find methods to help you relax and release stress.
  • Take total responsibility for your own pleasure.
  • Make space in your busy life for pleasure.
  • Fully discover what you need and want.
  • Know what your own body prefers to better guide lovers.
  • Be able to generate your own ecstatic energy.

These apply even if you enter Tantra Solo.

To connect more fully with a partner, you'll want to learn to...

  • Work through personal blocks, guilt, shame, resistance, or traumatic experiences.
  • Build trust, connect at multiple levels, and deepen intimacy.
  • Communicate clearly, openly, and skillfully to guide a lover to maximize your own pleasure.
  • Know what your lover wants and how to give it.
  • Be directed by your lover to heighten their pleasure and the mutual energy connection.
  • Open energy channels and be willing to give and share pleasure equally, gleaning intense satisfaction by welcoming your partner's energy in your body.

If any of these resonate with your desires or turn you on, then you've already chosen Tantra as your vehicle to reach the stars whether you do it yourself or follow a guide. If you're considering Tantra At Tahoe to help, click continue to read about your the different ways we deliver Tantra Lessons.

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The Best Way For Tantra Learning

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