Tantra, is it for men? Now why would any red-blooded modern man bother with a spiritual practice like Tantra? Maybe because you aspire to be a SNAG, that's a Sensitive New-Age Guy.

Or maybe because Tantra is a powerful way to learn to...

  • Make love longer, for nearly an unlimited time,
  • Please any woman, bringing her unimaginable ecstasy,
  • Strengthen erections and overcome premature ejaculation,
  • Have multiple orgasms yourself without ejaculating,
  • Become a master of sensual and erotic touch,
  • Awaken your whole body to ecstatic life force energy,
  • Make love to any woman and satisfy her every time,
  • Find a Tantric partner who embraces life, love, and sex,
  • Expand sex to include heart and spirit, and
  • Experience incredible states of pleasure yourself.

Those may be pretty big claims, but wait for the bottom line: above all else, Tantra has what women want. That's got to be the clincher.

Because Tantra uses sexual Kundalini energy as the fuel for transformation, its study includes the best sex education you've imagined possible. If you persevere with Tantric studies -- and make no mistake it takes time, discipline, and lots of practice -- you'll probably become expert in female anatomy, foreplay, arousal techniques, erotic massage, and sexual positions. But if that's all that you're seeking, you'll miss the mark.

Tantra is about more than lovemaking.

You see, Tantra is more about feelings and energy. It's about the kinds of things that guys in the Western world are definitely NOT trained for. But you can learn if you're willing and interested.

You still interested? Good. But you've come to the wrong place if you're visiting this site looking for...

  • free sex
  • hand jobs
  • swinging partners
  • erotic photos
  • sex surrogates
  • a cyber way to get off, or
  • something purely physical without any deeper meaning.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with any of those forms of lust if that's what floats your cork. Remember, Tantra says yes to whatever moves you. It's just not what Supreme Bliss Tantra and our website is all about. If you register for our introductory Better Sex Program, you'll certainly jump on the path of becoming a better lover, but just in a whole new way than you probably expect.

Yes, we're trying to talk you out of wasting our time and yours if your intentions with Tantra aren't honorable. Does that sound at all like the father with a shotgun protecting his daughter? Well, maybe it does, because, in spite of these claims of boosting virility, Tantra does honor the feminine principle.

To be completely frank with you, on average Tantra is more difficult for guys. You see, they...

  • Tend to be in their minds a lot,
  • Have trouble recognizing feelings,
  • Don't relate well to connecting through the heart, and
  • Resist new -agey things

all of which make them harder to teach spirituality, even when it's sexually oriented.

And even if they get past all that, they find that their bodies just doesn't move inside and out the ways women do.

But there's still hope. It's a proven fact that Somraj learned. One day some years ago he and most of his friends were probably just like you. So we're confident that we can guide you if you really want to learn. There are tried and true methods that will work. Click here to find out about our introductory Learn Tantra Program.

Regardless of your gender, you can find out more about Tantric Sex, by clicking the continue button right now.


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