Tantra's sexual approach, is it for women? We're guessing that the lusty, horny, exploitive approach of cyber sex that appeals to many men is not for you.

We firmly believe that sacred sexuality as we practice it is world's apart. Sure, it's fueled by intense passion, but the something more is essential.

To find out if Supreme Bliss Tantra is for you, ask yourself these questions...

  • Is it difficult for you achieve orgasm?
  • Are you uncomfortable with sex or certain aspects of sex?
  • Has your sex drive diminished?
  • Are you hounded by unwanted guilt and shame?
  • Do you tense up and not enjoy your body's sensations?
  • Are you having trouble adjusting to sex after menopause?
  • Are you unfamiliar with how to pleasure your own or your beloved's body?

And ask yourself these questions about your relationship...

  • Do you want to rekindle romance in your relationship?
  • Does your relationship and sexual play lack deep intimacy?
  • Would you like to express yourself sexually without inhibitions?
  • Do you want to be treated as more than a sex object?
  • Would you love more passion with your beloved but don't know how to conjure it up?

And ask yourself these questions about your sexual desires...

  • Do you want to be the divine lover you know you really are?
  • Would you like more pleasure and satisfaction from sex?
  • Can you make sexual play and orgasm a whole-body affair?
  • Do you think you would enjoy being more creative in your lovemaking?
  • Would you like to become multi-orgasmic?
  • Are you curious about female ejaculation?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're already practicing Tantra -- you're willing to see who you really are by being honest with yourself.

These questions are just a few of the reasons women embrace Supreme Bliss Tantra. It's much less about technique than about relaxing into your divine nature and opening to the juices hidden deep within your feminine spirit.

Tantric Sex is by definition, feminine driven. From the first moment of heart and soul connection to the relaxation into the pleasure of the moment, women love Tantra. Sexual and sensual connection are timeless, with no goal, no performance fears, just loving yourself, your partner and the greater whole.

Whether you are self-pleasuring or sharing partner pleasure, it is just play, divine play. We like to use the Sanskrit word, for divine play, Leila. There is plenty of time for everything: talking, touching, stroking, sacred union, if so desired.

Tantric Sex is sex where you, the woman, know who you are, know you are a profoundly sexual being, and knows what you want. Admit it, you love being that Goddess of love.

Supreme Bliss Tantra opens to experiencing the heights of ecstasy and the depths and breadths of a myriad of orgasms, long and powerful. When you connect with your lover, you are connecting at multiple chakras on multiple levels. You can feel the difference. This is not ordinary sex.

Women crave Tantra Intimacy, the feeling of knowing your partner and being totally known and loved by him or her. Tantra is a lover's vehicle for teaching each of you more about intimacy and sexuality.

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Ready for more about women and Tantra, click Continue.

Learn Supreme Bliss Tantra to improve your sex life

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