Tantra Intimacy is about taking charge of your life, loving yourself, and being willing to share your real self with your real partner. This is definitely not for the timid or insecure, but it is a way of being that lets you soar with the eagles.

The only way to ever feel truly loved is to know that your beloved knows your idiosyncrasies and still loves you. In Supreme Bliss Tantra, we choose not to call these idiosyncrasies faults. We all have weaknesses and a shadow side. There is no better way to turn off your passion and joy in life than to deny, cover-up or lie about those weaknesses. By letting them out in respectful ways, your trust deepens along with your self love.

Tantra Love begins with loving yourself. The more you love yourself as an aspect of the divine, the more you will be willing to share who you are. As you and your partner grow in Tantra, you will have new tools for loving and for communicating in a way that promotes deep intimacy. Just talking openly about sex, finding out what you want and express your divine pleasure will provide a quantum leap in your intimacy. And yet, there's more.

In Jeffre's ebook, Intimacy, A Green Light for Red Hot Sex and a Lifetime of Loving, she states, "When intimacy is the basis for a loving relationship, the depth and possibilities for sexual exploration and pleasure become infinite." Click here if you want to get your share.

Intimate sexual pleasure with your beloved is a sacred circle of love and connection, each of which feeds the other. Love, sex and intimacy are interconnected and inseparable. If you stifle one, you stifle the others.

Tantra gives you a plethora of practices to teach you how your own Tantra Energy can transform your life, your love and your intimacy. As you share who you are each and every day with your beloved (because you change everyday), you will find that life, love and sex become an endless journey of delight, discovery and ecstasy.

Yes, it's true, you really are lovable, just the way you are. Which is why our page Tantra Heaven proclaims how joyous it is to be in the moment with love and pleasure, enjoying the journey fully.

We would love to share our knowledge with you. Want to find out how you can learn Supreme Bliss Tantra to fit your needs, budget, and time frame? Well then, you know the drill, click continue.

Learn Supreme Bliss Tantra to improve your sex life
© Catherine Andrews

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