What is the Tantra Attitude?

In the West, we're taught to reason our way through life, make judgments about right and wrong, and resist what's not working. In contrast, Tantra teaches how to accept everything and flow through things without stressing out. We heighten our awareness of spirit and move our energy through whatever life hits us with.

Tantra is more of an attitude toward life and sex than it is about beliefs, behaviors, or rules.

There is no dogma about the right way to do things in Tantra. There's no script, no agenda, no performance standard you need to live up to. It's just about what gets both of your energy moving.

Because life is good and holy, Tantra says yes to all that is. Everything is sacred so Tantra wants you to welcome all your crazy thoughts and feelings. What this means is to love all parts of yourself and learn from them. Don't judge yourself as "bad" but learn who you are and who you want to be.

Regardless of what you believe, just don't fight life, because then you're blocking your inner desires and struggling through life with internal conflict. If you want to paint, make time for art. If you want to play sports, go for it. If you want to love, open your heart and follow where it leads.

But what if it pisses you off that your spouse is having more fun? What if you don't like what you're becoming and the life you're living? What if your natural essence is blocked? That's where Tantra Practice comes in. Seek what feels good inside, focus on what works for you personally, and practice pleasure internally.

Accept the ups and downs of life without becoming the victim. Recognize that you are a great part of an even greater universe. Your existence is a never-ending journey. We've found that if you focus on what's wrong in your life, you're sure to get more of it.

Be open to all sensation, all experience. Be open to new ways of being. You are not only a product of evolution, you are evolving in every moment.

Face your fears. They are only fears and they are holding you back. Move through them and then you will find out who is left.

Express yourself fully. If you merge body, mind, and spirit, you'll get in touch with all sides of yourself: playful, serious, physical, sexual, spiritual, silly, judgmental, loving, etc. It's okay to be all that.

Stop thinking so much and instead sink into your body's sensations. Open your senses, become one with time, space and the god force. Tantra Energy can help you do this.

When you come from your heart space, meaning centering yourself around love, compassion and empathy, you can transform yourself and the world.

The greatest lesson of the heart is to love yourself. Love yourself as a divine expression of Source. Love yourself as the playful sexual being you are. When you truly love all that you are, you're home. That is Tantra Love, that is enlightenment. There is no more separation, there is only bliss. This is your ecstatic birthright.

When pleasure is your central focus, life gets so much easier. You learn that your guidance system will keep you on track when you follow the adage, "nothing is more important than that you feel good."

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