Tantra For Guys is what this page is all about. Maybe the best way for men to understand the value of Tantra is by relating the personal experience of the very male partner of Tantra At Tahoe...

My name is Somraj, I live near Lake Tahoe, California, and I'm in my 50s. In spite of always being physical and athletic, it just seems that more and more that the parts of my body don't work as well as they used to.

At first glance, you might assume that the worst part of that for a guy who's been driven by sex his whole adult life is the diminishing hormones.

Yes, I'm talking about being able to get it up and keep it up.

Couple that with my lifelong aptitude to cum real quick and you might expect my lovemaking score to be dropping, too. On the contrary, with Tantra I'm enjoying sex much more than ever, getting a lot more a lot more often, and getting the most fantastic feedback from my lovers.

Being A Guy

I was a real modern guy. I worked hard and played hard. I drove a fast sports car and a faster light plane. I hung out with the guys at the racquetball court a few nights a week and sometimes drank a lot with them. I was a workaholic, squeezing every drop of productivity out of every minute, and traveled often. I kept proving to myself that I could do anything I set out to do.

And then I discovered that my wonderful wife of many years was faking orgasms.

No, she wasn't usually like that. We both believed our sex was great. It's just that a friend gave her a vibrator and she learned something deeper about her own sexuality by having the first really big one of her life. And it took her a while to summon the courage to explain it all to me.

Of course, I was crushed. To paint this picture clearly, you need to look at the background. Sex in my mind meant that it was my job to please a woman. Now, many women also believe it's their job to please the man, so all too often nobody is taking care of themselves in bed.

I didn't realize how important tuning into one's own pleasure was back then. I thought you prevented cumming by thinking about baseball. Frankly, watching baseball on TV is too boring, so this meant I reduced my own satisfaction from sex.

Since I was supposed to be the symphony conductor in the sack, that meant I needed to know the most powerful buttons to turn a woman on, right?

What's the old joke: you mean there's more than just sticking it in?

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