Tantra is the doorway to ecstasy. Since pleasure is everyone's birthright and divine nature, by studying and practicing the ancient art of eternal Tantra Love, you can learn to merge sex with spirit.

Tantrikas believe that each of us embodies aspects of the divine spirit, that we're all perfect and complete the way we are.

In Western terms, where things always seem to fall short of our standards, this may seem hard to grasp. But from this spiritual perspective, mental projections of good and bad, right and wrong have little basis. If you find what brings you joy, your divine essence flows and you'll feel and project serenity, inner peace, and compassion.

Of course, Tantra Practice is often sexual, but it always starts with honoring spirit. If you seek a lasting connection of your body with the earth, the heavens, the divine powers, and your inner being, then you will soon accept sexuality as sacred.

Tantric Sex is often referred to as spiritual because we believe that the sacred union of two divine beings is the paramount display of love as well as the prime crucible for healing relationships.

Though this may appear another example of Tantra's eclectic nature of borrowing any principles and myths that convey its story, one might ask where did this spiritual view come from? As our teacher Margot Anand says in her book, The Art Of Sexual Ecstasy...

"Tantra was born in India around 5000 BC through the cult of the Hindu god Shiva and his consort, the goddess Shakti. Shiva was worshipped as the embodiment of pure consciousness in its most ecstatic state, and Shakti as the embodiment of pure energy. The Hindus believed that through uniting spiritually and sexually with Shiva, Shakti gave form to his spirit and created the universe. Tantra, therefore, views the creation of the world as an erotic act of love. The joyful dance between Shiva and Shakti is reflected in all living beings and manifests itself as pleasure, beauty, and happiness. This, in Tantra, is the nature of the divine, the root of all that exists."

Supreme Bliss Tantra says accept the intelligence of the universe that drives each of us in different directions. Some might say this is the divine working within us.

In essence, Tantrikas harness and use the power of the universe to remember who they really are: divine beings experimenting and adventuring on the physical plane.

There is no more powerful means of finding out who you really are than challenging yourself to be here, now, all the time. Be in the body, feel, be the energy of life. Love yourself and all that you are. Who do you think you are? Really? How are you connected to the cosmic energies?

Tantra can help you find the answers, the spiritual answers.

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