Tantra is so much about desire. We bet you heard the old adage...

Men want sex and women want love.

The real truth is that both men and women desire both, and more. It's just that, as a general rule, men tend to start at the genitals and women at the heart.

Men get horny and feel unloved when their woman doesn't desire them (or least he thinks she doesn't). The woman wants intimacy and heart connection and thinks her man doesn't love her when all he seems to want is sex.

Through the structure of Tantra Practice, men can satisfy a woman's desire for intimacy, respect, sensitivity, communication, safety, and love.

What women want, as do men who acknowledge the power of their inner female, is what Tantra offers: intimate communion at all levels. Supreme Bliss Tantra teaches us how to connect our hearts, satisfy our bodies, and merge our spirits. If you read the page called Tantra Holistic, you know what we mean. When we each learn to relax and open our inner channels, we can flow energy and exchange all the forces of life with a partner. This is why Tantra is also called sacred sexuality.

This raises the spiritual aspect of Tantra. We know most women gravitate more towards ritual and ceremony than most men. After a few holistic Tantric lovemaking sessions, even the novice Somraj had to admit that ritual in Tantra isn't some kind of serious untouchable ceremony without meaning.

Instead, he found it uses the beauty of heart and spirit in each lover's own unique way to focus on subtle energies and get both partners to feel different than they usually feel. Special? Holy? Godlike? Maybe, possibly, why sure.

Tantrikas believe we are each an aspect of the divine. When you sit across from your partner in a space you've consciously made sacred, you feel that you're in the presence of the Goddess. Whatever her emotional state or physical condition, she feels that she is in the presence of the God. Makes for some pretty powerful and exciting communion.

Guys know that every woman craves to be worshipped. Somraj was reluctant to honor the Goddess in his partner for fear of reinforcing those qualities he didn't like. Instead, Tantra has shown him how to use sacred ritual to attract and emphasize those divine qualities that drew him to Jeffre.

And, oh yeah, he left some of his bullshit behind too. As one partner is empowered, so is the other.

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