Tantra, Tantric Sex, Spiritual Sex, and sacred sexuality is what this site is all about. Welcome again to Tantra At Tahoe's free What Is Supreme Bliss Tantra Online Guided Tour. This introduction page provides an overview of what's included and how to navigate all around to your heart's desire.

You can cycle through the pages in the tour by using the continue button at the bottom right of every page. Or you can use the Tour Contents menu at the right to jump wherever you want. The menu appears on every page too so you won't get lost no matter where you find yourself.

We're going to start at the beginning describing what Tantra Is so you can understand in more detail what Tantra is all about. In Tantra, we believe that each of us is a divine being and our body is sacred. Which is why Tantra Sacred Sex comes next.

Our particular brand of Tantra, Supreme Bliss Tantra, is explained on the next page. As you get to know what Tantra is, we think it's important for you to know what Tantra Isn't. Not a religion, but a spiritual practice. Not a license for free sex, but the consciousness for sacred sex. Not something that's done to you, but something you embrace within to make yourself better.

In order for most Westerners to gain from this path, you will end up adopting the Tantra Attitude, which includes openness to sexuality, love, and the divine union with a beloved. By being playful, sensual, heart-centered, and adventurous, you can realize many Tantra Benefits both in and out of bed. Of course, this all depends on how well you do with welcoming the central focus, Tantra Pleasure.

Sex walks hand in hand with Tantra Spirit, the doorway to learning to harness the subtle forces in your body we call Tantra Energy. You'll find energy referred as sexual energy, orgasmic energy, or life force energy. Our Tantra Kundalini explains all that in greater depth and even though it's titled with the old Sanskrit word, it's written in understandable English.

Tantra Chakras is about the energy centers where this stuff is stored. Keep in mind, Tantra is foremost an individual practice of senses, energy, and breath, the tools to cleanse and energize your chakras.

These pages about energy and chakras are important to understand as you wade into Tantra Practice and learn to transmute that orgasmic Kundalini energy into communion with your inner being, true beloved, and the Divine, the One, Great Spirit or whatever you choose to call that universal Source. Tantric Sex Practice continues by explaining how generating and moving the orgasmic Kundalini energy through your body lets you experience Tantra Ecstasy. Of course, sexual spiritual ecstasy is wonderful in its own rite, but it also leads to more powerful and transcendent Tantric Orgasms in which you feel as though you're making love with the entire cosmos for extended periods of time.

To make sure you're getting the right idea, the next page is called Tantra Holistic which explains how Supreme Bliss Tantra is a unique blend of body, mind, and spirit. All three are the essence of "human being" which you expand by loving and accepting your Tantra Humanness.

When you become completely Tantric Sex Positive through practice, you'll find, as we have, that sex becomes a Tantra Meditation, a oneness with yourself, your beloved, Great Spirit, the Universe. It may be hard to believe that you can enter a still and quiet no-mind condition while making love and having so much pleasure. But that's the common experience of Tantrikas, those who practice Tantra, who dedicate themselves to creating Tantra Heaven on earth.

The next page continues with more about the Tour Contents.

Learn Supreme Bliss Tantra to improve your sex life

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